Rosita Real Foods

Located in London, United Kingdom

Fresh, Sustainably Harvested & Quality Products for Health & Wellbeing

Rosita Real Foods is dedicated to producing fresh, sustainably harvested, quality handcrafted products to enhance health and wellbeing. 

Rosita Real Foods supply a consistently reliable source of wild-caught, raw fish liver oils extracted from sustainably harvested fish living in the crystal clear waters of remote Norwegian Fjords.

Sustainably sourced from wild fish stocks in the clean, untouched waters of Norway, Rosita fish oils are fully tested by major universities and government-linked institutes, resulting in a pure and genuine cod liver oil product.

Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) - a "living oil" derived from wild, abundant Norwegian codfish - is Rosita’s leading product.

EVCLO is extracted from cod livers using traditional methods without the need for heat or mechanical devices. In this way, the delicate fatty acids found in this nutrient-dense fish oil are retained. Rosita is committed to delivering pure, untouched whole foods to offer the maximum health benefits provided by nature.

All Rosita products are tested independently for levels of purity and nutrient density. And with natural variations in nutrient levels occurring, care is taken to ensure that full transparency is consistently maintained across all product testing. 

Products | Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (softgel or liquid), Extra Virgin Ratfish Oil (10ml & 50ml)


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Rosita Real Foods
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