Saint Hemp

Located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Australian Grown Hemp Products

Based in Sydney Australia, Saint Hemp is a family run business created in 2019 and self-funded by one man building the brand from the ground up with the intention of bringing the benefits of Australian grown hemp to the world.

With a myriad of uses, specifically in nutrition, hemp is an ancient plant resource and one of the earliest recorded crops known to have been cultivated by man.

In November 2017 the Australian Government officially announced the legalisation of hemp to be grown and used as food.

 As a popular and transferable raw material, hemp is useful for many different products including rope, paper, biofuel, plastics, clothing and skincare. Hemp is incredibly sustainable for the environment absorbing more CO2 from the air than trees.

Saint Hemp products are free from artificial ingredients and produced without soy, dairy, Stevia, GMOs or flavours. 

Product Range | Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder, Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder, Australian Hemp Seed Oil, Australian Hemp Seeds


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