Health food and nutraceuticals are foods beneficial to our health and can be found in health food stores and specialty shops Generally stocking foods products, vitamins and minerals and nutritional supplements. Types of foods they stock range from natural foods, organic foods, gluten-free foods and whole foods.

Health foods when used in a normal healthy diet can provide the extra or missing nutrients like amino acids, slow release carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals boosting the bodies overall efficiency and health.

Find vitamins and minerals supplements, protein powders, seeds, nutritional mixes, nuts, legumes, beans, tofu, dried fruits, herbal products, Chinese medicines, specialty oils, gluten-free products, teas, specialty breads, honeys, and a range of perishable foods made with healthy goodness. Find sweeteners (artificial) and sugar substitute products under baking products and ingredients.

Certain health foodscan help with lowering cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, migraine headaches, menopause, osteoporosis and even protect the liver from damage. Further helping with stress management, weight loss, fatigue, skin care, sports nutrition to general men’s and women’s health, find products that are designed to assist with these types of issues and speak with the experts.

Whether looking for food products, starting a health food shop or after nutritional products, select from health food brands, suppliers and manufacturers from around the world, find it here at FoodService Select.

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Food company processing and packaging nutrient-rich health products that includes natural chlorella, super greens powder and chlorella hyper protein powder

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Ceres Organics

Ceres distributes organic and biodynamic food products covering baking, beverages, breakfast foods, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, superfoods, grains, rice, ...

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Eclipse Organics

An extensive range of products from food bars, muesli, nut and seed butters, nutritional supplements, nuts, oils, fats, cacao, coffee, dried fruits and more.

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Australian Primary Hemp

Product range covers hemp seeds, hemp and honey nut bar, hemp balance (protein, fibre, powder blend), hemp boost (protein powder), hemp oil, cultivation seed.

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Organic products for the nutritional and food industries, range includes phytonutrients, standardised herbal extracts, minerals and dietary supplements.

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Lakewood Organic Juices

Providing a range of organic and biodynamic juices, premium, fresh pressed, concentrates, pure juices, juice blends and supplement juices from Florida, USA.

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Organic Mountain

Producers of traceable organic food products from ethically sourced ingredients ranging from oils, sweeteners, drinks, snacks, grains, flours and baking goods.

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Honest to Goodness

Sydney based organic food and natural products supplier specialising in bulk wholefoods with over 1,000 products that works directly growers and suppliers.

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Loving Earth

Products range from activated breakfast cereals, organic superfoods and fair trade raw organic chocolate made from regenerative Ashaninka cacao.

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Living Intentions

Product range includes foods from superfood popcorn, superfood cereal, superfood nut blends, sprouted trail mix, sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds.

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