Associated Grain

Located in Dalby, Queensland, Australia

Grain Merchant Company Situated in Dalby, Queensland

Associated Grain is a grain merchant company located in Dalby, Queensland. 

Using modern facilities to process, pack, grade and store the grain products, Associated Grain services growers in the Queensland and New South Wales grain growing regions.

 Associated Grain buys mungbean, desi chickpea and faba beans and sells mungbeans, black mungbean, sprouting mungbean, desi chickpea, pigeon pea, faba beans, black eye cowpea, popcorn (butterfly) and popcorn (mushroom).

The seeds sold by Associated Grain are mungbean, chickpea, millet, wheat, sunrise pigeon pea, faba bean, barley, sugardrip and highworth lablab.

Associated Grain are members of Pulse Australia and the Australian Mungbean Association.

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Contact Details

Phone: +61 7 4669 9500


Associated Grain
7 Byrne Street
Queensland 4405

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