Grains, flour and cereals represent a huge food sector within the foodservice industry, used in everyday meals and diets and for the production on livestock feed. Type of products range from rice, wheat, millet, oats, maize (corn), rye, barley, wild rice, amaranth, quinoa, spelt, durum, semolina (made from durum), triticale, malting barley, sorghum, milled grain, grain blends and mixes, gluten (Vital Wheat Gluten), white semolina, bran, binders, improvers, concentrates, additives and yeast.

Select from a variety of grain, flour and cereal suppliers and growers across the world, locally and internationally, as well as find a range of companies providing gluten free grains, flours and cereals.

Grains, flours and cereals stem to manufacturing of animal feed products for livestock, from cattle feed, pig feed, chicken and poultry feed, horse feed, livestock and aquaculture feed, in the form of pellets, grain, beans, lupines and other meals of soybean, sunflower, peanut and corpra.

Select from a range of suppliers to manufacturers of grains, flours and cereals, and get in contact with the companies to meet your quality and demand, find it here at FoodService Select.

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Kialla Pure Foods

Organic ingredients from wheat, spelt wheat, barley, buckwheat, chick pea, grain mix, linseed, millet, oats, quinoa, rye, soya beans, sunflower, powders …

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Ceres Organics

Ceres distributes organic and biodynamic food products covering baking, beverages, breakfast foods, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, superfoods, grains, rice, ...

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Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Producers of more than 300 items that are whole grain, organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and Kosher from flours, meals, mixes, grains, beans, seeds and more.

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Glencore Australia

Buyer of grain, oilseeds, pulses, sorghum and cotton sourced directly from growers with a storage and handling network ready to export to global customers.

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Absolute Organic

Products from fresh produce, oils, vinegar, legumes, vegetables, antipasto, grains, flours, meals, dairy, nut, seed, dried fruit, spreads and condiments.

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Producers of edible oils, fats, malts and grains for international food supply with global offices in North America, the UK, Europe, China and Singapore.

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Blantyre Farms

Pork producer supplying 40,000 pigs per year and includes beef, lamb and wool production with broad-acre cropping of wheat, barley and canola.

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Eclipse Organics

An extensive range of products from food bars, muesli, nut and seed butters, nutritional supplements, nuts, oils, fats, cacao, coffee, dried fruits and more.

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Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamic producer using whole grains (wheats, barley, rye) to process certified baker’s flour (wholemeal, barley, rye, self-raising, atta and pasta flours).

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Australian Grain Technologies

A plant breeding research company focused on wheat genetics to develop new field crop varieties for more productive or better quality or cost less to grow.

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Australian Choice Exports

Australian Choice Exports produces 100% Australian grains and pulses that are fully traceable and tested for quality assurance transported across the globe.

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Organic Mountain

Producers of traceable organic food products from ethically sourced ingredients ranging from oils, sweeteners, drinks, snacks, grains, flours and baking goods.

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Honest to Goodness

Sydney based organic food and natural products supplier specialising in bulk wholefoods with over 1,000 products that works directly growers and suppliers.

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Lotus Foods

Rice product manufacturer located in California supplying organic rice, whole grain rice, pad thai rice noodles, rice ramen, rice crackers and heat & eat bowls.

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Associated Grain

Associated Grain is a grain merchant company that processes, packs and markets grain and seed products located in Dalby, Queensland.

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Mauri Australia creates and distributes baking products from baker’s flour, specialty flours, bread mixes, yeast, grains, meals, gluten free, sweet goods, …

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East Coast Stockfeeds

East Coast Stockfeeds is a 100% Australian owned and operated company supplying grain, legume and pulse products to the global market.

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Four Leaf Milling

family owned certified organic grain processer using only certified organic or bio dynamic grains from barley, buckwheat, lentils, linseed, rice, wheat, rye, …

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MOI International (Australia)

MOI International manufactures deep frying oils, liquid oils, olive oils, bakery margarines, shortenings, bakery goods, cocoa products, confectionery, rice, …

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Randall Organic Rice

Organic Rice Producer of langi, koshihikari (Japanese sticky short grain), jasmine, doongara , brown rice cakes, rice flour (brown and white) and rice bran.

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McKenzie's Foods

Product range from pulses (legumes), soup ingredients, baking, herbs, spices, coconut products, bi-carb soda, Clive of India, cooking nuts, grains and more.

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Cummins Milling

Producers of baker flour (soft and crusty bread premix, bakers flour, self raising …) and commercial flour (basic flour, premix flours, specialty flours)

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Manildra Group

Baking and food production manufacturing flour and bakery mixes, vital wheat gluten and proteins, starch, syrups, ethanol, stockfeed, sugar, fats and oils.

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Good Morning Cereals

Natural organic seeds and puffed grain cereals from amaranth puffs, brown rice puffs, buckwheat puffs, millet puffs, multi puffs, quinoa puffs, spelt puffs.

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Products include health oils, nutrient powders, botanicals, functional vinegars, nut butters, condiments, sugar substitutes, flours and meals.

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Organic breads produces a range of breads including gluten free, wheat free alternatives, high protein using various ancient grains (spelt, khorasan, rye, …)

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Millers Foods

Western Australian miller of flour and baking products, flours (white, rye, wholemeal, organic), meals, grains, bread and cakes premixes, baking ingredients.

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Morlife | Functional Food Manufacturers

Health food manufacturer of antioxidants, gluten-free foods, powders, teas, food bars, functional cereals and functional superfoods.

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Healthy Garden Australia

Manufacturer producing oats, rye and mixed grains, quick oats with manuka honey in various flavours and dried blueberries, cranberries and sultanas.

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Olive Green Organics

Find organic gluten-free pasta, Andean grains (quinoa, amaranth), the Good Fish brand to a kids range, with ingredients sourced to be authentic and sustainable.

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Product range includes non-dairy milks, rice cakes, soy sauces, fruit juices, organic sweeteners, cold pressed oils, organic seeds, grains, nuts, beans, ...

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Natural Evolution Foods

Producers of health supplements and baking products that are completely natural with no preservatives or additives using bio-dynamic farming principals.

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Live Free Gluten Free

Gluten free flours and seasoning mix products from all-purpose wholemeal flour, all-purpose chicken seasoning mix and all-purpose plain flour.

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A creative British company offering a range of natural, organic, vegan plant-based nutrition products for quality before and after workout nourishment.

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Rude Health

Healthy food products focused on quality and flavour from drinks, granola, muesli, porridge, cereals, kids, snacks, flours without anything artificial.

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