Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm

Located in Trafalgar South, Victoria, Australia

Certified Organic Orchard | Toppings, Cordials, Sauces, Fruit, Berries, Nuts & Jams

Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm produces a variety of berries and fruit using environmentally sustainable practices.

Certified organic since 1988, the orchard cultivates more than 100 berry varieties including 40 different raspberry types as well as heritage collections of chestnuts, apples and other nut and fruit trees on 10 hectares of sprawling orchards and native forest land.

Sunny Creek organic jams and preserves are NASAA certified and made in the traditional way using fruit and sugar without artificial ingredients. Naturally occurring fruit pectin helps the jam to set. 

Berries are distributed to both metropolitan and interstate markets with other fresh produce being sold via a wholesale agent. 

Toppings & Cordials and Sauce | Toppings (Raspberry, Blackberry, Purple Raspberry, Blueberry, Cocktail Berry), Cordial (Raspberry, Blackberry), Raspberry Salad Vinegar, Quince Jelly, Tomato Sauce

Berries & Nuts | Cocktail berries, Raspberries (red, purple, golden, black), Strawberries, Blackberries (marion, ranui, waldo, young), Boysenberries, Loganberries, Gooseberries, Currants (red, white), Blueberries, Cox's orange pippin apples, Figs, Apples - heritage varieties, Feijoas, Chestnuts, Cherry guava, Nashi fruit, Persimmons


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Phone: +61 3 5634 7526


Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm
69 Tudor Road
Trafalgar South
Victoria 3824

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