Maggie Beer Products

Located in Tanunda, South Australia, Australia

Quality Food Products | Highlighting the Qualities of Each Ingredient

Maggie Beer is passionate - about life, about living well and enjoying good food - and making a range of good tasting, quality food products available to everyone, regardless of cooking ability or time availability in today’s busy modern world. 

The Maggie Beer food philosophy remains unchanged – from the heart based cooking while making the most of the qualities each ingredient has to offer. 

Maggie Beer categories cover everyday essentials, cellar, pantry, icebox, library, hampers and kitchenware.

Product Range | Verjuice, Vinegar and Oils, Sauces / Sugo, Stocks, Fruit Pastes, Jams, Jellies and Glazes, Cakes and Biscuits, Preserves and Pickles, Nuts and Spices, Tea, Dried Fruit, Chocolate and Sweets, Non-Alcoholic drinks, Cider, Whites, Reds, Rosé, Soup, Paté, Cheese, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sticks, Dessert Pots


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Phone: +61 8 8563 0204


Maggie Beer Products
2 Keith Street
South Australia 5352

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