Fresh Fish Place

Located in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia

Suppliers of Fresh Seafood to the Foodservice Industry

Fresh Fish Place is a family owned, South Australian seafood business supplying fresh, quality seafood to the foodservice industry. 

Since starting in 2000, Fresh Fish Place has matured to become a major supplier of seafood in the Eyre Peninsula region known as “The Seafood Frontier”.

Fresh Fish Place also runs The Fresh Fish Place, an innovative factory direct, retail outlet selling fresh seafood while offering factory tours and tastings to the Port Lincoln Seafood Cooking School and the general tourist market. 

Fish | Boarfish, Deep-sea Flathead, Southern Garfish, King George Whiting, Hiramasa Kingfish, Ocean Jacket, Morwong, Nannygai, Red Mullet, Port Lincoln Sardine, Gummy & School Shark, Yellowfin Whiting, Snapper, Snook, Tommy Ruff, Bluefin Tuna

Crustaceans | Spencer Gulf Balmain Bugs, Blue Swimmer Crab, Southern Rock Lobster (Crayfish), Coffin Bay Sand Crab, Spencer Gulf King Prawns

Cephalopods | Southern Calamari, Birrima Octopus, Pallidus Octopus

Shellfish | Abalone, Periwinkle/Turbo, Coffin Bay Vongole, Bass Strait Scallops, Port Lincoln Black Mussels

Oysters | Coffin Bay Oysters, Franklin Harbour Oysters, Smokey Bay Oysters

Pickled In-House | Squid, Octopus, Scallops, Mussels

Smoked In-House | Chilli Squid, Kingfish, Tommy Ruff, Snook, Salmon, Tuna

Fish Cakes | Thai Fish Cake, Smoked Fish Cakes, Tuna Patties


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 8 8682 2166


Fresh Fish Place
20 Proper Bay Rd,
Port Lincoln
South Australia 5606

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