Freycinet Marine Farm

Located in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmanian Seafood Producer & Supplier

Started in 2005 with a vision of showcasing Tasmania's quality seafood produce to the world, Freycinet Marine Farm presents a selection of Pacific Oysters and Tasmanian Blue Mussels from the Coles Bay farm via a sales outlet and eatery on the Coles Bay Road. 

Freycinet Marine Farm also offers season-specific Rock lobster as well as other quality, fresh produce such as West Coast Atlantic Salmon; North West Octopus; Abalone from the South, East and West; Bass Straight Scallops and Sea Urchin Roe from the local Coles Bay waters.  

Seafood | Pacific Oysters, Tasmanian Blue Mussels, Atlantic Salmon, Octopus, Abalone, Rock Lobster, Scallops, Sea Urchin Roe


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 3 6257 0140


Freycinet Marine Farm
1784 Coles Bay Rd,
Coles Bay
Tasmania Australia

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