Fish Breeders of Idaho

Located in Hagerman, Idaho, United States of America

Rainbow Trout, Idaho Caviar, Sturgeon, Catfish, Tilapia & Shrimp

Started in 1973 after searching for new and better ways to raise fish, Fish Breeders of Idaho moved to The Magic Valley, site of the largest volume of quality spring water in the world. With an abundance of cold springs and warm, geothermal water, this part of the world makes for an ideal environment for farming fish.

 The artesian water has allowed Fish Breeders of Idaho to produce a clean, quality fish for the US market as well as for overseas markets. The water has effectively created the company as it appears today, enabling it to become solely dedicated to the continuing use of sustainable, innovative methods.

Initially focussed on raising catfish in concrete raceways using the geothermal water, Fish Breeders of Idaho extended this technology in 1978 adding rainbow trout to the line of production then sturgeon later in 1988. 

Products | Rainbow Trout, Idaho Caviar, Sturgeon, Catfish, Tilapia, Shrimp


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Fish Breeders of Idaho
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