Austral Fisheries

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Australia

A Western Australia Integrated Commercial Fishing Company

Established in the 1960s and proudly recognised for responsible fishing methods and ongoing sustainable environmental practices, Austral Fisheries is a major integrated commercial fishing company based in Western Australia.

Managed by the Australian Commonwealth Government and independently certified as a sustainable fishing company, Austral Fisheries operates under the Marine Stewardship Council in all four Australian fisheries. The fishery is also carbon-neutral certified under the Australian Government Carbon Neutral Program.

Austral Fisheries operates longline vessels for deep sea fishing activities that specialise in catching Mackerel Icefish and Patagonian Toothfish while a fleet of prawn trawlers used for catching Tiger, Banana and Endeavour Prawns. 

Exclusive Australian distributor of Macduff, Clearwater, Fjord Trout and Leroy

Brands | Glacier 51 Toothfish, Skull Island Tiger Prawns, Karumba Banana Prawns


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Phone: + 61 8 9217 0100


Austral Fisheries
Western Australia Australia

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