Buxton Trout and Salmon

Located in Buxton, Victoria, Australia

Self-Sufficient, Family Owned Trout & Salmon Farm

Established in 1958, Buxton Trout and Salmon is Australia’s first trout farm located in Buxton, Victoria. 

A self-sufficient, family-owned and operated farm, Buxton Trout and Salmon grows around 80 tonnes of fish a year for the wholesale and restaurant markets as well as for customers fishing at their farm. 

Buxton Trout and Salmon does all of their own breeding, hatching, growing and processing while all the fish and produce is distributed nationally through wholesale fish markets as well as local restaurants and Yarra Valley wineries.


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 3 5774 7370


Buxton Trout and Salmon
2118 Maroondah HWY
Victoria 3711

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