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100% Organic Animal Meats | Patties & Breakfast Sliders

Tribalí Foods is a Californian food company committed to seeking genuine, single-sourced organic food ingredients.

Tribalí Foods sources only 100% organic animal meats sustainably raised in grass fed and finished pasture environments with a consistent line of transparent supply chains.

Tribalí Foods recipes are developed with fresh and clean ingredients using good organic protein sourced from trusted suppliers known for humanely raising stock. All meats are seasoned with hand-ground herbs and spices the traditional way and do not contain any binders, fillers or preservatives. 

Grass-Fed and Finished Pasture Beef: 100% organic grass fed and finished beef open pastures and fed on grass start-to-finish

Free-Range Chicken: 100% organic, free-range chicken 

All Natural Pork: humane raised in animal-friendly pens without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics

Wild-Caught Seafood: sustainably fished salmon, tuna or other seafood


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California United States of America

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