Fats and oils are used in all types of baking, cooking and dressings. Choosing and applying the right fat or oil can greatly affect the dish by providing the right taste and texture. Fat and oils fall into four groups from saturated, mono-unsaturated, polyunsaturated (omega-3 fats and omega-6 fats) and trans-fats.

Understanding their characteristics is very important, from taste and how they react with heat as some fats and oils are more suitable for lower heat and some for much high heats.  Uses include baking, shallow frying, deep frying, sautéing, filling, decorating, batters and shortening through to dipping sauces.

Taste | oils and fats when used correctly can deliver excellent flavours to all dishes, for example when using nut oils they are best used in cold dishes, as heat can destroy the subtle flavour of the nut oil.

Types | avocado oil, corn oil, citrus oils, mustard oil, palm oil, peanut oil (groundnut oil), rice bran oil, safflower oil, sesame oil (semi-refined), soybean oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, cottonseed oil, diacylglycerol (dag) oil, ghee, clarified butter, grape seed oil, lard, olive oil (virgin, extra virgin, extra light), rapeseed oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, shortenings, mustard oil, walnut oil, vegetable shortening, margarine, butter, butter substitutes and more.

Select from a range of fats and oils used for Danish and French pastries, in the forming of dough, spreads and coatings (ie. icings), puff pastry, croissant, whipping cream, butter replacements, creams, donuts, cakes, cookies, shortbread, sweet bread, breads and pastels.

Fats and oil products span the entire world and provide chefs the heating ability and the flavours for their dishes, find and select from suppliers of fats and oils for local and international companies, find it here at FoodService Select.

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Red Island

Extra virgin olive oil produced from fresh Australian grown olives, harvested and cold pressed to produce 100% natural extra virgin olive oil.

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Cobram Estate

Producers of extra virgin olive oil includes Everyday Essentials, Infused Flavour Meal Starters, Flavour Infusions, Limited, Superior and Ultra-Premium lines.

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Glencore Australia

Buyer of grain, oilseeds, pulses, sorghum and cotton sourced directly from growers with a storage and handling network ready to export to global customers.

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Brookfarm offers a range of granola, muesli, porrij, muesli bars, nut mixes and macadamia oil without the use of preservatives, additives or GMO ingredients.

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Absolute Organic

Products from fresh produce, oils, vinegar, legumes, vegetables, antipasto, grains, flours, meals, dairy, nut, seed, dried fruit, spreads and condiments.

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Hellenic Gift

Importers of extra virgin olive oil, Organic FIR tree raw honey and Greek mountain certified organic tea products from Greece located in Victoria, Australia

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Producers of edible oils, fats, malts and grains for international food supply with global offices in North America, the UK, Europe, China and Singapore.

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Eclipse Organics

An extensive range of products from food bars, muesli, nut and seed butters, nutritional supplements, nuts, oils, fats, cacao, coffee, dried fruits and more.

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Australian Primary Hemp

Product range covers hemp seeds, hemp and honey nut bar, hemp balance (protein, fibre, powder blend), hemp boost (protein powder), hemp oil, cultivation seed.

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FMayer Imports

Importing and distributing over 1,000 food products, FMayer Imports offers a wide range of food delicacies and specialty products.

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