Eungai Creek Buffalo

Located in Tamban, New South Wales, Australia

Australian Buffalo Meat & Milk Producer

Operating from Tamban in New South Wales, Eungai Creek Buffalo is an Australian Buffalo meat and milk producer. 

Eungai Creek Buffalo produces a range of hand-crafted gourmet dairy products made from buffalo milk as well as Buffalo meat steak, sausages and mince. 

 All Eungai Creek Buffalo farm-grown products are available from the onsite café and local markets.

Eungai Creek Buffalo Buffalo Milk & Meat Products

Buffalo Milk Products | Gelato, yoghurt, halloumi, labna, persian feta, feta, mozzarella and pecorino

Buffalo Meat Products | Buffalo steak, thin & thick sausages, eye fillet, buffalo ribs and buffalo mince

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Eungai Creek Buffalo
50 Elliotts Road
New South Wales 2441

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