Essential Gourmet

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Offering specialist, organic, great tasting food in an Australian online shop.

Essential Gourmet

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company offering specialty and a healthier alternative range of food and drinks. Our products have been carefully selected to only include the most refined and premium brands from all over the world but also quality and organic products from our local region of South Australia. We offer a wide range of products including pantry essentials, natural South Australian olive oils and even the finest alcoholic beverages.

Portofino Dry Gin

Experience our flagship liquor product, the award winning Portofino gin from the coastal town of Portofino. This gin is composed of 21 handpicked botanicals all originating from the area of Portofino. After your first sip you will notice a unique combination of flavours including lemon and juniper, followed by an explosion of Mediterranean flavours.

Gluten Free Pasta

Check out our extensive range of gluten free pasta, perfect for all those pasta lovers who are also gluten free! The range has been brought to you by Irollo Pasta, an authentic Italian pasta maker. Their range of pasta includes everything from spaghetti to penne rigate to pappardelle.

Our range of gluten free pasta is excellently complimented with our selection of Awesome Food Company pasta sauces.

Olive Oils

Our olive oil range is brought to you by the Awesome Food Company, which is a local South Australian brand. Their range of natural olive oils also includes olive oil with MCT oil and a pure MCT oil product. Llanllyr Source Mixers

The Llanllyr Source water and mixer range originates from the natural springs of the hillside areas of Wales, in the United Kingdom. This range is a perfect compliment to our liquor range. Llanllyr Source provides all the mixers needed for a great party, including: tonic water, sparkling water, ginger ale, ginger beer, lemonade, bitter lemon and club soda.

Intenso Coffee

Try our premium or organic range of Intenso Italian coffee, also available in capsule form. For the perfect organic coffee, try the Intenso Biologico Organic Coffee.

Birra Maneba

Birra Maneba is the essence of passion and experience, coming to you from one of the most famous breweries in Europe, located in Naples, Italy. Check out the wide range of Birra Maneba Italian craft beers in the Essential Gourmet shop.

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