Erdinger Weissbraeu (Weißbräu)

Located in Erding, Germany

German Bavarian Beer Brewer

Rooted in historic Bavaria, German owner-managed private brewery, Erdinger Weissbraeu has been brewing exclusively in the Erding region since 1886. 

A traditional brewery making “weissbier” (a Bavarian specialty wheat beer) sold in more than 90 countries, Erdinger Weissbraeu refuses to compromise on integrity when it comes to enjoyment and the law of German purity. 

Using old-fashioned Bavarian brewing skills together with an array of quality ingredients, Erdinger Weissbraeu pays homage to a long passion for Bavaria’s cultural heritage and modern day lifestyle in the form of weissbier.

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Erdinger Weissbraeu (Weißbräu)
Lange Zeile 1 -3 85435
Erding Germany

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