Princi Smallgoods

Located in Malaga, Western Australia, Australia

Wholesaler & Manufacturer of Traditional Italian Smallgoods

Established in 1979, Princi Smallgoods is a family owned and operated wholesaler and manufacturer of traditional Italian smallgoods in Western Australia. The Italian family business selects quality fresh produce such as 100% Australian beef and pork to present a range of gourmet meats and free range deli products.

Products are all naturally free from gluten and made without artificial flavourings, colourings or added MSG. 

The Princi range includes free range smallgoods and traditional family favourites such as salami, cooked ham, mortadella, prosciutto, pancetta, coppa and Cacciatore sausage.

Product Categories | Christmas, Continental, Free Range, Gourmet, Pizza Toppings, Salami, Sliced / Prepacked


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Contact Details

Phone: +61 8 9248 1190


Princi Smallgoods
7 Inverness St
Western Australia 6090

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