Pecora Dairy

Located in Eveleigh, New South Wales, Australia

Artisan Cheesery & Sheep Milk Dairy

An artisan cheesery and sheep milk dairy founded in 2011, Pecora Dairy is located in the Green Heart of the Southern Highlands. On 200 acres of farmland, ewes (female sheep) graze on lush pasture, drinking from clean running creek water producing a rich, creamy milk with which to make seasonal ewe’s milk cheeses as well as yoghurt. 

With an all-encompassing belief and philosophy of gentleness with the land, towards the ewes and producing quality cheese, this approach lends itself to interacting with all aspects of farming and cheesemaking. With this in mind, Pecora Dairy has lovingly raised a pure East Friesian sheep flock developing a signature cheese making system over the last several years. 

Pecora Dairy now also produces Australia's first uncooked, raw milk cheese product, released in 2018. 


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Pecora Dairy
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New South Wales 2015

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