Maleny Cheese Boutique Cheeses

Located in Balmoral Ridge, Queensland, Australia

Dairy Processers of Cheeses, Yoghurt & Buffalo Cheese

Maleny Cheese is a multi-generational family-owned enterprise started in 2004.

Located in Maleny in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland region, Maleny Cheese is a dairy processing business with a boutique cheese and yoghurt factory that uses fresh milk from exclusive and quality local suppliers to create handmade cow and buffalo milk cheese.

A big part of what makes the range so unique is the ingredients and the unique genuine authentic flavour. The Maleny Cheese range of yoghurt includes Greek Gourmet style and tub-set Swiss style varieties.

All cheese and yoghurts can be tasted at the Maleny Cheese Café on the Maleny to Montville Road on the Sunshine Coast, also available from fresh food outlets around Queensland.

Maleny Cheese Range | Cheeses, Yoghurt, Buffalo Milk Cheese


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Phone: +61 7 5494 2207


Maleny Cheese Boutique Cheeses
1 Clifford St
Balmoral Ridge
Queensland 4552

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