Cool Cool Beverage Co

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Australian Drinks Manufacturer & Distributer

Cool Cool Beverage Co is an Australian drinks manufacturer and distributer based in Melbourne.

Offering a range of healthy beverages made with quality natural ingredients, Cool Cool Beverage Co specialises in handcrafted drinks made at the HACCP certified, specialty brewery.

For over ten years Cool Cool Beverage Co has been craft-brewing and supplying the food service and beverage retail industries.

Brands | Liberty Kombucha, Sips Sparkling, Paradise Cold Brew

Liberty Kombucha | craft kombucha,100% kombucha, not pasteurised, no sweetener / stevia, slow ferment, low sugar. | Flavours (black cherry,  original, lemon + coconut, pomegranate, kakadu plum + ginger)

Sips Sparkling | naturally flavoured, sparkling water, zero – calories, sugar, sweetener | Flavours (pink grapefruit, cucumber & mint, lemon, blood orange)

Paradise Cold Brew | cold brew coffee nitro infused, dairy free, vegan friendly, natural energy, preservative free, sugar free | Flavours (original, choc-cherry)


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Cool Cool Beverage Co
Victoria Australia

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