Located in Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia, Spain

Spanish Manufacturer of Food Bases

Founded in 1989, Confiletas was the first Spanish manufacturer of food bases.

Confiletas produces and distributes sweet and savoury bases for the international foodservice and industrial sectors covering Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Developed to be consumer friendly, Confiletas bases neutral in flavour and the products are intended to be long lasting while holding their form at high cooking temperatures.

Confiletas bases can be used for pastries, tapas, buffets, cocktails, snacks and general cuisine.

Product Range | Tartlets, Puff pastry, OléTapas - Crispy Bases, OléDesserts - Premium Tartlets, Biscuit, Chocolate Capsules, Waffles and Tulips

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Phone: + 34 968 62 71 88


Av. San Jorge, 3, 30565
Las Torres de Cotillas
Murcia Spain

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