Sky Vegetables

Located in Bronx, New York, United States of America

Operating Urban Hydroponic Rooftop Farms in New York City

Sky Vegetables is an enterprising American food business developing and running urban hydroponic rooftop farms. Currently growing local year-round hydroponic produce in New York City, Sky operates an ~8,000 square foot rooftop farm near Manhattan. 

As part of a mission to grow fresh, sustainable local produce, the Bronx farm was established atop an LEED Platinum Certified building employing local residents and distributing to local and national supermarkets. The Bronx greenhouse has successfully grown herbs, bok choy, butterhead lettuce, arugula and ruby chard and yields a year-round crop of basil.

While The Bronx greenhouse is currently being operated in partnership with Agritecture Consulting, Sky Vegetables plans to transfer the building-integrated agriculture concept to other rooftop farms in New York City and other suitable places in the future.

Sky Vegetables and its produce are 100% pesticide-free. 


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Contact Details

Phone: +1 781 559 8802


Sky Vegetables
1071 Tinton Avenue
New York 10456
United States of America

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