Bare Essentials

Located in Morton Vale, Queensland, Australia

Growers & Suppliers of Quality Leafy Green Vegetables & Herbs

Since 1913 vegetable market gardeners Bare Essentials have been specialising in growing and supplying a quality range of leafy green vegetables and herbs. 

Supplying directly to greengrocers, open markets, supermarkets and other packaging companies across Australia, Bare Essentials can supply produce in bulk bins for further processing or simply as tagged, sleeved and boxed.  

With safe quality food and food safety services of utmost importance, Bare Essentials is proudly accredited under the Freshcare Code of Practice, the National on-farm assurance program for Australian growers. 

Produce | Dill, Cos Lettuce, Coriander, English Spinach, Iceburg Lettuce, Parsley, Radish, Shallots, Silverbeet


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Bare Essentials
9 Morton Vale School Rd
Morton Vale
Queensland 4343

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