Located in Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

Natural, Organic, Vegan Plant-Based Nutrition Products

Profusion is a creative British company offering a range of natural, organic, vegan plant-based nutrition products for quality before and after workout nourishment to support an organic, plant-based, additive-free diet. 

Supercharged nutrition

Profusion’s optimum quality pre- and post- workout nutrition products are designed to nourish body, mind and soul. From natural, whole, protein-boosted breads, superfood spreads and protein-packed lentil pastas to Himalayan salts for mineral-rich food seasoning and restorative post-workout muscle soaks, Profusion seeks to harness the most powerful foods in nature, combining them to create the ideal fuel for active people while complementing the intake of nutrient-dense, plant-based whole foods.

Products | Spreads, Pink Himalayan Salt, Bread, Drinks, Super Seeds & Grains, Pasta


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6a Lower Teddington Road
Hampton Wick
Kingston upon Thames KT1 4ER
United Kingdom

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