Olsson's Sea Salt

Located in Yennora, New South Wales, Australia

Australian Sea Salt Manufacturer

The Olssons are a family-owned and operated sea-salt manufacturer in Australia producing solar sea-salt since the 1950s. Using a “solar evaporation" method, Olsson's Solar salt is created by the action of the sun and wind on large ponds of seawater evaporating into successive ponds until the seawater is fully concentrated. The salt is crystallised on the pond floor where it is scooped up and washed in seawater, dried and then packaged, ready for sale. 

With the ideal location of solar salt plants in areas of low rainfall and high evaporation rates, along with pristine Australian ocean water, the sun and wind work in harmony to create the quality sea salt taste loved by Australians. 

No chemical processes are used in the manufacturing of Olsson’s Solar salt.

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Phone: +61 2 8708 8800


Olsson's Sea Salt
19-25 Nelson Rd
New South Wales 2161

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