Meru Miso

Located in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Supplying Authentic Fresh Miso Products & Japanese Condiments

Founded in Melbourne in 2015 with the purpose of producing and supplying an authentic fresh miso product to the world, Meru Miso are an Australian food business based in Tasmania, dedicated to crafting quality Japanese condiments.

With a modest mission to produce quality Australian made Japanese condiments using traditional techniques and strictly organic and biodynamic ingredients, Meru Miso creates a range of handmade condiments in small individual batches minimising the use of mechanical equipment and reducing environmental impact. 

Miso Products | Mild Yellow Chickpea Miso, Sweet Red (Edo) Miso, Sweet White (Shiro) Miso, Chickpea Powdered Miso, Sweet (Edo) Red Powdered Miso, Sweet (Shiro) White Powdered Miso, DIY Miso Kit, Mushroom Umami Salt, Umami Salt


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Meru Miso
Tasmania Australia

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