Savour & Spice

Located in Thames, Waikato, New Zealand

Artisan Spice Makers

Savour & Spice are artisan spice makers, hand producing curry powders, rubs and marinade products at the onsite shop in Thames, New Zealand.

Savour & Spice source all the spices used before grinding and blending ingredients and packing each product. The handmade spices are exported across the world to both the domestic and international markets including Singapore, Japan and Australia.

The Savour & Spice range of products includes: 

Curry powders | Indian Spice Curry Powder, Malay Spice, Sweet Spice Curry Powder, Vietnamese Spice

Handmade rubs | Coromandel Fish Rub, Harissa, Kiwi BBQ Rub, Lemon & Fennel Salt Rub, Manuka Smoked Chilli Rub, Mexican Adobo Rub, New Orleans Rib Rub (Cajun Spice), New York Steak Rub, Sticky Chicken Rub, Tzatziki Lamb Rub

Seasoning & Peppers | Garlic & Mustard Pepper, New Zealand Organic Herb Salt, Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper (Piper borbonense)

Gift boxes | Season & Dress, Hot'n'Spicy!, Rubs & Roasts

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Head Office

Phone: +64 211110249


Savour & Spice
715 Pollen St
Waikato 3500
New Zealand

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