Klingele Chocolade

Located in Evergem, Belgium

Belgium Chocolatiers | Balance Chocolate | Chocolates From Heaven

Belgian company Klingele Chocolade started in 1995 and offers two brands, Balance Chocolate and Chocolates From Heaven.

Balance Chocolate in an innovative range of chocolate figurines using select global ingredients blended with pure quality cocoa with reduced sugar but still maintaining the sweetness through sweeteners. Carefully selecting suppliers, Balance Chocolate chooses to use Fair trade ingredients whenever possible to support local cocoa farmers.

Chocolates From Heaven range uses carefully selected organic and Fair trade ingredients to create this range of chocolate products.

With a strength for innovation and product development, Klingele Chocolade specialise in private label products from pralines and chocolate bars, ranging in size and type in a variety of flavours and shapes.


Balance Belgian Chocolate (https://www.balancechocolate.be/) - Product Range | Stevia range, Maltitol range, Lactose-Free range, High In Cocoa range

Chocolates From Heaven (https://www.chocolatesfromheaven.be/) - Product Range | Milk, Milk, Almond Caramel Sea Salt, 72% Dark Orange, 74% Dark, 80% Dark (Peru), 85% Dark (Peru & Dominican Republic), White


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Phone: +32(0)9 258 23 58


Klingele Chocolade
Noorwegenstraat 19 9940
Evergem Belgium

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