Located in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Granola, Muesli, Bircher Muesli, Porrij, Muesli Bars, Nut Mixes & Macadamia Oil

Located in New South Wales Australia, Brookfarm is an Australian-owned family business began trading in 2000 selling toasted and natural muesli products at a local market. 

With original home-based recipes created in the family kitchen, Brookfarm has gone on to develop a range of granolas, mueslis, nut blends and macadamia oils from the bakehouse in Byron Bay. 

All Brookfarm products are also available in bulk sizes catering for the foodservice industry 

Category range | Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Fruit Free, Paleo, Vegan

Product range | Granola, Muesli, Bircher Muesli, Porrij, Muesli Bars, Nut Mixes and Macadamia Oil

All Brookfarm products are Australian made and owned without the use of preservatives, additives or GMO ingredients.

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Phone: +61 2 6620 9500


14B Banksia Dr
Byron Bay
New South Wales 2481

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