The Banting Food Co.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mueslis Made With Natural Ingredients | Low Carb & Low Sugar

The Banting Food Co. is an Australian health food business offering a range of low carb and low sugar mueslis made with natural ingredients.

The Banting Food Co. carefully sources the nuts, seeds and coconut oils it uses to create its muesli products. 

The Banting Food Co. mueslis are all handmade in Melbourne Australia.

Products | Cheeky Banter Goji And Cacao Muesli, Good Banter Cinnamon Muesli, Banting Bread Mix, Mrs. Banting's Paleo Porridge, Bits Of Banter Salad Seeds, Zuudle Maker, Single Origin Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


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The Banting Food Co.
Victoria Australia

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