Located in Ypres, Belgium

Manufactures of Innovative “Ready to Fill” Products

Pidy is a French family owned and operated food business established in 1967 that creates a range of innovative “Ready to Fill” products for both savoury and sweet applications. 

As one of the main manufacturers of puff pastry, Pidy is a supplier within the food industry making food products using traditional methods such as sweet short crust, neutral short crust, choux, croustade pastry, foncage and sponge sheets (neutral and sweet).

With four production sites in Belgium, France and USA, Pidy provides market support to customers in over 50 other countries.

Appetisers and meals: The Pidy range of snack products includes an assortment of puff pastry shells, quiche shells and crispy mini pastry shells while larger Pidy cases can be used as complete meal solutions.

Desserts and Frozen: Pidy also produces dessert products such as sweet short crust tartlets and Choux buns to create individual desserts as well as offering a complete range of frozen products and partially baked tartlets.


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Phone: +32 57 490 101


Ypres Belgium

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