Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits

Located in Paris, France

Wine & Spirits Group Exporting to More Than 100 Countries Worldwide

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits is a quality wine and spirits group with an industry presence in Europe and the USA.  

Created in 1755 under The House of Marie Brizard, Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits is a prominent wine producer of Eclat du Rhône, Tcherga, Moncigale and Bodega Marques del Puerto.

Launching the Fruits and Wine range in 2010 has enabled the Group to modernise brand range while respecting original traditions. Combining quality expertise with a unique arrangement of brands together with a long historic tradition, Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits has a unique strength of fortitude with a future turned resolutely towards innovation. 

The Group holds a rich portfolio of brands heading key market segments including six major brands of alcohol:


• William Peel Scotch Whisky

• Sobieski 100% Pure Rye Vodka

• Krupnik Traditional Polish Vodka (available in a range of flavours)

• Fruits and Wine aromatised wine-based beverages in France

• Marie Brizard the oldest French liqueur company founded in Bordeaux in 1755

• Cognac Gautier created in 1755


In addition to these brands, Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits owns a significant portfolio of local brands including Pastis Berger, Porto Pitters, Old Lady’s Gin and San José Tequila.

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits has a wine distribution network marketing in France, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Brazil and the United States exporting its products to more than one hundred countries worldwide.


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Phone: +33 (0)1 46 82 05 05


Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits
7-29 rue de Provence 75009
Paris France

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