McClure’s Pickles

Located in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

Producers of Pickles, Bloody Mary Mix, Sauerkraut & Relish

McClure’s is a US pickle manufacturer started in 2006 in Brooklyn and Detroit using an original family pickle recipe. 

As the business continued to grow, manufacturing returned to Michigan, home of the largest cucumber growers in the USA. McClure’s now have a partner warehouse in New York and expanded the range to include sauerkraut, Bloody Mary mix and relish.

McClure’s use mostly local, seasonal produce dealing directly with growers to verify its origin and understand how it’s grown to ensure the freshest produce possible. 

Product Range | Lil' Pickle Packs, Pickles, Bloody Mary Mix, Sauerkraut, Ready To Drink Bloody Mary, Relish

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Phone: +1 248 837-9323


McClure’s Pickles
Michigan 48211
United States of America

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