Beverage and drinks cover a broad range of products from water, hot beverages, coffee beans and non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, fruit juice to dairy and milk beverages. Find a range of beverages and drinks in the following categories and get in touch with the right people.

Water covers natural spring water (individual) and bottled spring water (bulk) products. Hot beverages covers hot chocolate, tea, herbal tea, ground coffee, coffee beans, roasted grain beverages and hot cider drinks. Non-alcoholic beverages covers low-alcohol beer, non-alcoholic wine, and apple cider less than 0.5% alcohol. Soft drinks range from soda pop and fizzy drinks, sparkling water, iced tea, lemonade, squash, fruit punch, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Fruit juice covers citrus juices from orange, tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, apple, grape, lime and lemon juice. Also find coconut water, berry drinks from raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry and currants and cordials which are a concentrated fruit juice mixture. Fruit juice is available as freshly juiced / squeezed, bottled and in frozen concentrate form. Dairy and milk products cover flavoured milk, milk, buttermilk, yogurt and cream. Sorbet and sherbets are a form of frozen drink, with sorbet being a flavoured ice water and sherbets being a flavoured ice milk, ie. frappes and granita.

Select from a range of beverage and drink manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, find international brands and find who imports them, find it here at FoodService Select.

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PERKii Probiotics

Australian company offering a range of unfermented, probiotic health drinks that have no added sugar, are lactose-free, gluten-free and GMO-free.

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Icon Foods

Icon Foods offers Puregg and LIFE PLUS brands. Puregg is 100% pure all natural egg whites and LIFE PLUS is a bio-available liquid egg and whey protein drink.

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Metro Food Co.

health food products high fibre and superfood ingredients, range covers snacks, baking, quick meals, dressings, baby food, pasta, pasta sauce and beverages.

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MOJO Beverages

Probiotic Kombucha beverages with a vegan-friendly probiotic strain. Includes classic, crafted and sparkling water kombucha in a range of flavours.

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Aromas Coffee Roasters

An Australian small batch coffee bean roaster of coffee blends, single origin coffee, loose leaf tea and more. Including contract roasting and private labels.

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Youfoodz is an Australian food company producing a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner, soups, wraps, snacks, drinks and cold-pressed juices.

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Matteo Coffee

Specializing in Italian espresso coffee roasted, blended and matured in Italy from coffee beans, coffee pods easy serving espresso, coffee capsules, …

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Hellenic Gift

Importers of extra virgin olive oil, Organic FIR tree raw honey and Greek mountain certified organic tea products from Greece located in Victoria, Australia

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Roar Organic

Electrolyte infused low-calorie organic beverages using coconut water, electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamins, available in a variety of flavours.

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The Organic Tea Project

NASAA organic certified tea producer supplying tea’s like English breakfast Tea, sticky chai tea, apres meal tea, ayurvedic tea, earl grey tea, and many more.

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Eclipse Organics

An extensive range of products from food bars, muesli, nut and seed butters, nutritional supplements, nuts, oils, fats, cacao, coffee, dried fruits and more.

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Campos Coffee

Cultivated coffee made ethically and with care that is fair trade and direct trade, coffee is offered in various coffee blends or various coffee single origin.

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FMayer Imports

Importing and distributing over 1,000 food products, FMayer Imports offers a wide range of food delicacies and specialty products.

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Impressed produces a range of cold pressed juices and almond milk yoghurts using local ingredients straight from the farm based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Harvey Fresh

An Australian brand offering a range of products from milk and dairy products to juice made from locally and globally sourced fruit.

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Dark City Foundry

Dark City Foundry cold drip coffee uses a rich South American coffee blend through a triple filtered process to create a clean and distinct flavour.

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Coconut Essence

Pure and natural coconut water products harvested from fresh, young green coconut water sourced in Thailand packaged the same day straight from the coconut.

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Lakewood Organic Juices

Providing a range of organic and biodynamic juices, premium, fresh pressed, concentrates, pure juices, juice blends and supplement juices from Florida, USA.

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Organic Mountain

Producers of traceable organic food products from ethically sourced ingredients ranging from oils, sweeteners, drinks, snacks, grains, flours and baking goods.

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Sacred Grounds

Australian coffee producer of certified organic fair trade coffee blends and single origin coffees and has sign up with Fairtrade Australia.

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Counter Culture Coffee

American coffee roasting business dedicated to social responsibility and environmental and financial sustainability through the coffee supply chain.

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Australia’s Own

Producers of range of dairy milk beverages (A2 protein dairy milk), lactose free milk and plant based products like almond milk, rice milk and oat milk.

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McClure’s Pickles

Producers of pickles, Bloody Mary mix, sauerkraut and relish products manufactured in Michigan.

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Seven Miles

Australian coffee roaster with micro-roasteries across Australia. Continually researching new ways to develop and present coffee to embody the experience.

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Yarra Valley Tea Co.

Specialising is certified organic tea and tisane tea (herbal tea) that includes black tea, chai tea, functional tea, green tea, herbal tea and tea wares.

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Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Veneziano Coffee Roasters supplies products from coffee blends and microlots, inker cups and saucers, Chamellia tea, chocolate and chai, coffee accessories, …

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Sazen Tea Company

Sazen Tea Co. offers an extensive range of tea’s (organic tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, matcha, loose tea, Sencha, Kukicha, etc.) to the world.

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Abrisca Roasters of Coffee

Handcrafting coffee using a 1984 30kg Petroncini roaster, roasting and hand blending coffee beans to obtain full depth of flavour to filter through the blends.

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Antipodes Water Company

Bottled at the source in New Zealand, Antipodes offers a range of pure artesian table water products.

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Wolff Coffee Roasters

Wolff Coffee Roasters creates specialty-grade coffee with a focus on the flavour in the cup and coffee sourced sustainably.

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Clipper Teas

A Fairtrade tea company with of 150 products from black tea, green tea, infusions, white tea, coffee and hot chocolate that are sold in over 50 countries.

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Beston Global Food Company

Products range from Edwards Crossing, Beston's Mables Australian Cheese, Grange Peak, Provincial Food Group, Ei8h+ Water and many more.

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Gutsy | Made For Your Gut

Probiotic drink sachets aimed to improve gut health, every serve has 2 billion probiotics, available in flavours coconut, elderberry and lemon lime.

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Hemp Oz.

Hemp food products including hemp seeds, protein powder and hemp oil and beverages from Hemp Oz kombucha and sparkling hemp-infused spring water products.

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Buchi Kombucha & Brew Co.

hand crafted fermented food products brewed in the traditional way covering kombucha, beef and chicken bone broth, fire cider as well as brew kits.

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Love Your Guts Co

Producers of fermented kefir (elderflower, raspberry & mint, passionfruit, …) and sauerkraut (daikon radish & turmeric kimchi, beetroot & ginger, …) products.

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Preservation & Co.

Find a range of handcrafted and hand packed products from cocktail mixes, pickled foods and a variety of sauces using seasonal local produce.

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Handcrafted kombucha made in small batches, the raw organic fruit infusions are available in watermelon/mint, ginger, pomegranate, pineapple and original.

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Naked Paleo

Natural Food Company producing and range of paleo Bars, latte powders and oils, a combination of basic, real food ingredients and ancient eating principles.

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Makers of handcrafted small-batch natural sparkling prebiotic (lemon, ginger & honey, mango, …) and probiotic (pineapple & ginger, raspberry & lime) drinks.

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Beet It Sport

Certified organic pressed beetroot drink Beet It is used by professional individuals and sports teams and is distribution range now covers 35 countries.

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Bottlegreen Drinks Co.

Sparkling pressés, light infusions and cordials in a range of flavours that use quality fruits, roots and botanical ingredients to form the product line.

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Cool Cool Beverage Co

Drinks manufacturer and distributer supplying the food service and beverage industry with brands Liberty Kombucha, Sips Sparkling and Paradise Cold Brew.

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Kialla Pure Foods

Organic ingredients from wheat, spelt wheat, barley, buckwheat, chick pea, grain mix, linseed, millet, oats, quinoa, rye, soya beans, sunflower, powders …

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Nutra Organics

Creating and delivering whole food products from broths, collagen and gelatin, vegan protein, superfood lattes and blends and whole food bars.

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Liberty Kombucha

Kombucha combined with cold-pressed fruit available in flavours blood orange, Kakadu plum-ginger, pomegranate, black cherry, lemon-coconut and original.

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Morlife | Functional Food Manufacturers

Health food manufacturer of antioxidants, gluten-free foods, powders, teas, food bars, functional cereals and functional superfoods.

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Australian Health Food Company supplying a range of protein powders, collagen, BCAA’s, thermo burn, fermented, Açaí, coconut, pitaya, prebiotic, greens, ...

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Whole Kids

Organic Snacks for Children from Bars, Biscuits, Corn Chips, Dried Fruit, Frooshies, Rice Wafers, Juice, Popcorn, Puffs, Rice and Crackers.

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Warndu produces a range of genuine Native Australian products that are seasonal, organic and good for health from spices, tea, vinegars and oils.

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The Locako product range extends from collagen bars, coffee creamers, chocolate gummies, MCT oil powder to keto collagen made with 100% clean ingredients.

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Australian business creating fermented products that are unpasteurised, plant based and living, including kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar.

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The Beauty Shake

The Beauty Shake products range includes The Beauty Shake in flavours rich chocolate, superberry and vanilla, and 100% pure marine collagen.

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Big Tom

Alcohol-free spiced tomato mix beverage that is thoughtfully blended with herbs and spices taking the humble tomato drink to new levels.

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BiteRiot is an Australian producer of quality cherries and apples from the Mount Canobolas region of New South Wales supplying nationally and internationally.

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Greenwood Orchards

Certified bio-dynamic orchard producing apples, pears and fruit juices, the orchard is situated in Merrigum in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria.

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Maggie Beer Products

Product range covers vinegar, oils, sauces, stocks, fruit pastes, jams, jellies, glazes, cakes, biscuits, preserves, pickles, nuts, spices, tea, dried fruit, …

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Wilgro Orchards

The orchards produce mountain-grown cherries and apples from the famous Batlow region of New South Wales with other products from handmade cider and vinegars.

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Planet Organic

Australian owned producer of quality certified organic products from tea bags, loose leaf tea, nutritional supplements, coffee cacao carob, herbs and spices.

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Batlow Fruit Company

Batlow’s product range covers apples and cherries, bulk juice and cider beverages with fruit grown on Australian farms.

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Product range includes non-dairy milks, rice cakes, soy sauces, fruit juices, organic sweeteners, cold pressed oils, organic seeds, grains, nuts, beans, ...

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Four Sigmatic

Creators mushroom elixirs, mushroom coffee, mushroom hot cacao through to superfood blends, Four Sigmatic offer an easy way add to the daily diet.

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Supplying the foodservice industry with apples, pears, stonefruit, exotic fruit, ciders and juices through a network of experts and passionate growers.

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Hampstead Tea

Biodynamic and organic Fairtrade teas as tea bags, loose leaf pouches, iced tea, biodynamic tea, home compostable loose leaf tea pyramids and bulk loose tea.

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Olam International

Agri-business, supplying a wide product range from confectionery, beverage ingredients, edible nuts, spices, food staples (dairy, oils) and packaged foods.

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Bragg Live Food

Creators of simple and clean natural food products that use quality live foods and certified organic ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle.

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A creative British company offering a range of natural, organic, vegan plant-based nutrition products for quality before and after workout nourishment.

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Pukka Herbs

Makers of organic herbal tea blends with a focus on plant health benefits. select from Turmeric Active, Lean Matcha Green, Detox, Cleanse, Womankind …

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Rude Health

Healthy food products focused on quality and flavour from drinks, granola, muesli, porridge, cereals, kids, snacks, flours without anything artificial.

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Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm

Certified organic orchard producing an array of products from toppings, cordials, sauces, fruit, berries, nuts and jams in the Gippsland's Strzelecki Ranges.

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