BentSpoke Brewing

Located in Braddon, Canberra, Australia

Crafting A Boutique Range Of Australian Brews

BentSpoke Brewing Co was started by an Australian brewer Richard Watkins.

Launched in 2014 BentSpoke received enormous support from those within the local community. 

In keeping with this success, BentSpoke continues to craft a boutique range of Australian brews. 

BentSpoke is committed to developing a fuller, richer flavour while maintaining exceptional quality, believing in the power of stepping out and breaking the mould to create unique beer and cider.

Building on this initial success BentSpoke has another project underway constructing a production-scale brewery in the suburbs of Canberra. 

The intention behind this new brewery is to develop and deliver BentSpoke’s beers further afield bringing the range of signature brews to local pubs and bottleshops across the country. 


Contact Details, Social Media & Updates

Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 6257 5220


BentSpoke Brewing
38 Mort St,
Canberra Australia

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