Bakels Worldwide

Located in Rothenburg, Switzerland

Manufactures of Innovative Food Ingredients & Food Application Solutions

Bakels is a group of international companies that manufactures a range of innovative food ingredients and food application solutions. 

Located in Switzerland, Bakels develops, manufactures and distributes products to patissiers and bakers across the globe. Tailoring specific ingredients to suit these specialist, international markets, Bakels covers such sectors as pastry, bread and cake as well as confectionery. 

Supplying every sector of the bakery market in over 120 countries worldwide (including the retail and craft industries), Bakels manufactures more than 2,000 products designed and developed to meet local consumer demands and specific customer processes.

Product Range | Bread Improvers, Sourdough, Caramel, Premixes and Concentrates, Sweet Glazes, Savoury Glazes, Fillings, Sponge and Cake Emulsifiers, Cake Coverings and Icings, Edible Oils, Emulsifier Blends, Release Solutions, Chocolate, Leavening Agents

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Bakels Worldwide
Rothenburg 6023

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