Australis Barramundi

Located in Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States of America

Ocean Farmed Barramundi

Australis Barramundi is a US based company at the forefront of the global rise in ocean-farmed barramundi. Climate-smart ocean farming is an innovative practice that is controlled, traceable and transparent. 

By implementing environmentally-conscious and accessible alternatives to promote the recovery of diminishing wild fisheries, Australis Barramundi employs innovative practices addressing major environmental challenges in aquaculture today.

Supervising barramundi from egg, to hatching and harvesting, Australis Barramundi takes care to raise nutritious, quality fish without the need for chemicals, antibiotics or colourants.  

With the consistent use of revolutionary farming approaches, Australis Barramundi assures ideal conditions wherever possible from innovative land-based nurseries to nurture young fish within controlled-environment nursery tanks to ensure healthy growth. Fish then graduate to offshore net pens inside pristine waters and swimming freely at low densities while constantly being monitored. Then the fish are harvested, hand filleted and flash frozen the same day to lock in peak flavour.


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Phone: +1 888 602 2772


Australis Barramundi
289 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Massachusetts 01301
United States of America

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