Australia’s Own

Located in Taren Point, New South Wales, Australia

Producer of Dairy & Plant Based Products

A Freedom Foods Group product, Australia’s Own range of dairy milk products are delivered fresh from the farm. 

Australian sourced, made and owned, Australia’s Own dairy milk products come from the green pastures and clean air of Victoria.

Australia’s Own produces a range of dairy milk beverages including A2 Protein Dairy Milk which is naturally A1 protein free (containing only the A2 protein type) and Lactose Free milk. 

Also producing a range of organic plant-based drinks such as soy, rice, almond and coconut milk, Australia’s Own believes in sourcing the freshest ingredients while ensuring that no GM processing is used. 

All products are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Dairy Products | A2 Protein Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk, Lactose Free Milk, Multi-Purpose Cream, Early Life Nutrition

Plant Based Products | Organic Plant Milks (almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, soy milk), Barista Plant Milks, Organic Style Stocks, Like Milk, Organic Wraps

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Phone: +61 2 9526 2555


Australia’s Own
Taren Point
New South Wales 2229

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