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7 Chefs

Australian made preservative free pasta products, from gourmet fresh meals, gourmet filled pasta, pasta sauces and ready-to-eat for retail and foodservice.

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Bakels Worldwide

Located in Switzerland, Bakels develops and supplies over 120 countries with more than 2000 products in the pastry, bread, cake and confectionery sectors.

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888 Abalone

Commercial land-based abalone farm and hatchery located in Western Australia with the capacity to produce 100 tonnes of abalone.

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MOJO Beverages

Probiotic Kombucha beverages with a vegan-friendly probiotic strain. Includes classic, crafted and sparkling water kombucha in a range of flavours.

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Tiger Buck

Beef jerky maker using 100% unprocessed Australian beef without artificial flavours, colours, fillers or MSG to provide a raw, lean, salted, air-dried product.

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Cobram Estate

Producers of extra virgin olive oil includes Everyday Essentials, Infused Flavour Meal Starters, Flavour Infusions, Limited, Superior and Ultra-Premium lines.

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Canobolas Eggs

Canobolas Eggs is a family-owned and operated free range egg farm located in Molong, New South Wales.

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Glencore Australia

Buyer of grain, oilseeds, pulses, sorghum and cotton sourced directly from growers with a storage and handling network ready to export to global customers.

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Peanut Company of Australia

Processors and marketers of Hi Oleic peanuts and peanut products supplied domestically and to foreign markets situated in Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia.

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Sami’s Kitchen Australia

Creating Middle Eastern flavours and cuisine, Sami’s Kitchen products do not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or MSG.

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