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It is our aim at FoodService Select to make it easier for chefs, restaurateurs, function centres and even home chefs to discover local, national and international products via one of our food suppliers. If you’re looking for a religious food products supplier or food which caters to specific food diets, click here

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Yianni Fine Food

Food wholesaler to cafes and food outlets. We are proud of our Quality, Consistency and Convenience. Our savouries are unique in the marketplace.

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Walter's Artisan Bread

Walter's is a certified organic wholesale bakery - producing long fermented artisan sourdoughs, traditional breads and granolas for domestic and export markets.

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Easi-Serv was established in 1977 and is best known for it's quality, innovation and custom solutions for the leading global brands including pass-thru windows, a customizable Transporter carrying conveyor system and patio windscreens.

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Chutneys with spice mixes from North, South, East and West Africa

Spring Grove

Spring Grove – Fresh Food Company

Spring Grove supplies a range of meats from beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry for distribution across Australia.

Kalfresh Vegetables

Kalfresh | Vegetables

Vegetable producers and suppliers located in the Scenic Rim producing carrots, onions, pumpkin, tomatoes and capsicum for local and international markets.

Rivalea Australia

Rivalea Australia

Pork supplier with brands such as Family Chef, High Country Pork, Murray Valley Pork, Riverview Farms and St. Bernard’s free range pork.

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Woodward Foods Australia

Woodward Foods Australia have been supplying beef and lamb for five generations since 1888 across Australia and internationally.

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Moffatt Fresh Produce

Moffatt Fresh Produce produces onions (red and brown) and carrots for supplied across Australia and exported to international markets.

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Back Country Cuisine

Freeze dried food developed to be quick to prepare, wholesome and lightweight to fuel any adventure that includes gluten-free, vegetarian and Halal products.

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