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Yianni Fine Food

Food wholesaler to cafes and food outlets. We are proud of our Quality, Consistency and Convenience. Our savouries are unique in the marketplace.

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Delicious and natural Cretan tastes made with passion, inspiration and creativity to highlight the authentic Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest.

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Walter's Artisan Bread

Walter's is a certified organic wholesale bakery - producing long fermented artisan sourdoughs, traditional breads and granolas for domestic and export markets.

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Easi-Serv was established in 1977 and is best known for it's quality, innovation and custom solutions for the leading global brands including pass-thru windows, a customizable Transporter carrying conveyor system and patio windscreens.

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Chutneys with spice mixes from North, South, East and West Africa

Spring Grove

Spring Grove – Fresh Food Company

Spring Grove supplies a range of meats from beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry for distribution across Australia.

Kalfresh Vegetables

Kalfresh | Vegetables

Vegetable producers and suppliers located in the Scenic Rim producing carrots, onions, pumpkin, tomatoes and capsicum for local and international markets.

Rivalea Australia

Rivalea Australia

Pork supplier with brands such as Family Chef, High Country Pork, Murray Valley Pork, Riverview Farms and St. Bernard’s free range pork.

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Woodward Foods Australia

Woodward Foods Australia have been supplying beef and lamb for five generations since 1888 across Australia and internationally.

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Moffatt Fresh Produce

Moffatt Fresh Produce produces onions (red and brown) and carrots for supplied across Australia and exported to international markets.

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Back Country Cuisine

Freeze dried food developed to be quick to prepare, wholesome and lightweight to fuel any adventure that includes gluten-free, vegetarian and Halal products.

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August Assortments

We are a premium chocolate manufacturer supply pan india.our star product is Almond brittle, florentine,hazelnut bullets and many more. we supply in bulk.

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Tullens Fruit Farm

Tullens fruit farm offers a finest quality, fresh and delicious English/British apples, apples and pears, no sugar added organic apple juice,easy apple recipes.

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Couverture & Co.

Artisan chocolatiers producing small-batch handcrafted and freshly made chocolate bars and truffles from the flagship store in Red Hill, Brisbane.

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41° South Tasmania

An environmentally friendly inland salmon farm producing a range of salmon products as well as being growers of American and Korean ginseng goods.

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PERKii Probiotics

Australian company offering a range of unfermented, probiotic health drinks that have no added sugar, are lactose-free, gluten-free and GMO-free.

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Paddock to Plate WA

Smallgoods manufacturer producing cured Australian meats that includes free range pork sausages, nitrate free smoked bacon and ham and pork products.

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Red Island

Extra virgin olive oil produced from fresh Australian grown olives, harvested and cold pressed to produce 100% natural extra virgin olive oil.

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Icon Foods

Icon Foods offers Puregg and LIFE PLUS brands. Puregg is 100% pure all natural egg whites and LIFE PLUS is a bio-available liquid egg and whey protein drink.

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Kialla Pure Foods

Certified GMO-free organic cereal grains company milling wheat, barley, chickpeas, oats, quinoa, rye and much more to pancake mixes and cereal drink powders.

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The True Honey Co.

Producers of genuine Manuka honey harvested from the Manuka flower bush in the remote back country area of Ahuriri, New Zealand, shipped worldwide.

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Savour & Spice

Artisan spice makers, hand producing curry powders, rubs, seasoning, peppers and marinade products at the onsite shop in Thames, New Zealand.

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Metro Food Co.

health food products high fibre and superfood ingredients, range covers snacks, baking, quick meals, dressings, baby food, pasta, pasta sauce and beverages.

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Hahndorf’s Fine Chocolates

Chocolatiers making a range of truffle and cream chocolates in a variety of flavours with milk, rich dark and pure white couverture chocolate.

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Feather and Bone Butchery

Australian meat supplier providing beef, veal, poultry, pastured pork, lamb, goat, cured meats, sausages, eggs, dairy, broths, sauces, fruit and vegetables.

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Wild Game Resources Australia

Wild game harvesting and processing company procuring and distributing Australian wild game meats including kangaroo, wild boar and venison.

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Ceres Organics

Ceres distributes organic and biodynamic food products covering baking, beverages, breakfast foods, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, superfoods, grains, rice, ...

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Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese produces a range of blue cheese and other cheese products in Victoria Australia for domestic and overseas markets.

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EDAS Foods

Primal Pods is a range of nutritious convenient ready-made meal products for the health-conscious consumer and outdoor, adventurous types.

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Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Producers of more than 300 items that are whole grain, organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and Kosher from flours, meals, mixes, grains, beans, seeds and more.

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All Saints Estate

Handcrafted wines in the Murray River Region of Victoria Australia, wines range from sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, rosé and fortified wine.

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2die4 Live Foods

Creates activated nuts (fermented) and supplies products from Activated Organic Nuts, Activated Organic Vegan Nuts and Activated Organic Hemptations.

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7 Chefs

Australian made preservative free pasta products, from gourmet fresh meals, gourmet filled pasta, pasta sauces and ready-to-eat for retail and foodservice.

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Bakels Worldwide

Located in Switzerland, Bakels develops and supplies over 120 countries with more than 2000 products in the pastry, bread, cake and confectionery sectors.

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888 Abalone

Commercial land-based abalone farm and hatchery located in Western Australia with the capacity to produce 100 tonnes of abalone.

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MOJO Beverages

Probiotic Kombucha beverages with a vegan-friendly probiotic strain. Includes classic, crafted and sparkling water kombucha in a range of flavours.

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Tiger Buck

Beef jerky maker using 100% unprocessed Australian beef without artificial flavours, colours, fillers or MSG to provide a raw, lean, salted, air-dried product.

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Cobram Estate

Producers of extra virgin olive oil includes Everyday Essentials, Infused Flavour Meal Starters, Flavour Infusions, Limited, Superior and Ultra-Premium lines.

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Canobolas Eggs

Canobolas Eggs is a family-owned and operated free range egg farm located in Molong, New South Wales.

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Glencore Australia

Buyer of grain, oilseeds, pulses, sorghum and cotton sourced directly from growers with a storage and handling network ready to export to global customers.

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Peanut Company of Australia

Processors and marketers of Hi Oleic peanuts and peanut products supplied domestically and to foreign markets situated in Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia.

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Sami’s Kitchen Australia

Creating Middle Eastern flavours and cuisine, Sami’s Kitchen products do not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or MSG.

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Lovely Candy Company

American candy producer based in Illinois crafting candy ranging from gluten free, dairy free, non GMO options as well as Kosher, vegan and organic products.

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Aromas Coffee Roasters

An Australian small batch coffee bean roaster of coffee blends, single origin coffee, loose leaf tea and more. Including contract roasting and private labels.

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AAA Pig Farms

Pork producers supplying frozen suckling pigs and frozen premium roaster pigs that is focused on animal hygiene, feeding and preventive health measures.

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Casalinga Gourmet Meats

Butchery supplying a range of fresh beef, lamb, pork, poultry, sausage, game meats and continental smallgoods to Australian customers and overseas markets.

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Food company processing and packaging nutrient-rich health products that includes natural chlorella, super greens powder and chlorella hyper protein powder

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Brownes Dairy

Brownes Dairy produces a diverse range of dairy and other products including white milk, yoghurt, flavoured milk, cream, juice and desserts.

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Youfoodz is an Australian food company producing a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner, soups, wraps, snacks, drinks and cold-pressed juices.

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Brookfarm offers a range of granola, muesli, porrij, muesli bars, nut mixes and macadamia oil without the use of preservatives, additives or GMO ingredients.

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Penfolds has grown to become one of Australia’s renowned winemakers offering shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, multi-varietal blends and fortified's.

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Absolute Organic

Products from fresh produce, oils, vinegar, legumes, vegetables, antipasto, grains, flours, meals, dairy, nut, seed, dried fruit, spreads and condiments.

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Belmar Foods

Australian manufacturer of pasta products from filled pasta, short and long pasta, croquettes, arancini, pre-cooked meals, sauces and private label options.

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Confiletas produces and distributes sweet and savoury bases for international foodservice from pastries, tapas, buffets, cocktails, snacks and general cuisine.

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Matteo Coffee

Specializing in Italian espresso coffee roasted, blended and matured in Italy from coffee beans, coffee pods easy serving espresso, coffee capsules, …

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Makers of a range of handmade artisan chocolates, macarons and pastries based through creativity and passion.

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An innovative Australian aquaculture enterprise leading the sustainable development of large-scale aquatic protein manufacturing production systems.

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Roar Organic

Electrolyte infused low-calorie organic beverages using coconut water, electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamins, available in a variety of flavours.

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Australian Fine Foods

Offering a range of fresh Australian food and dry goods from fresh meat and dairy, beer and wine for Australian’s and exported internationally.

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Hellenic Gift

Importers of extra virgin olive oil, Organic FIR tree raw honey and Greek mountain certified organic tea products from Greece located in Victoria, Australia

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Country Range Farming

Located in Boodua, Queensland, Country Range Farming is a family-owned company producing organic, free range eggs using modern food technology methods.

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Producers of edible oils, fats, malts and grains for international food supply with global offices in North America, the UK, Europe, China and Singapore.

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The Organic Tea Project

NASAA organic certified tea producer supplying tea’s like English breakfast Tea, sticky chai tea, apres meal tea, ayurvedic tea, earl grey tea, and many more.

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Way Better Snacks

A range of healthy, natural tortilla chips & veggie chips snacks made from non GMO ingredients without the use of artificial additives or preservatives.

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Hela Spice Australia

Suppliers of spices, seasonings, glazes, marinades, gravy, sauce mixes, brine, phosphate blends, coatings, stuffing, soups and stocks and dressings and more.

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Eungai Creek Buffalo

An Australian buffalo meat and milk producer supplying hand-crafted gourmet dairy products made from buffalo milk as well as Buffalo meat steak and sausages.

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Blantyre Farms

Pork producer supplying 40,000 pigs per year and includes beef, lamb and wool production with broad-acre cropping of wheat, barley and canola.

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With over 80 gluten free products ranging from breakfast foods, biscuits, cooking, baking, pasta, crispbreads and snacks distributed to over 70 countries.

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CapriLac produces farm fresh, natural goat milk using traditional methods with a range of fresh goat milk, natural goat yoghurt and natural goat milk powder.

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Gourmet Meals

Gourmet Meals products are ready to heat from the freezer, prepared by chefs using fresh ingredients, in regular and large meals, soups, sides and desserts.

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Eclipse Organics

An extensive range of products from food bars, muesli, nut and seed butters, nutritional supplements, nuts, oils, fats, cacao, coffee, dried fruits and more.

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Cape Mentelle

One of Margaret River’s first wineries producing red wines cabernet sauvignon, cabernet merlot, shiraz, merlot and white wine chardonnay, semillon and rosé.

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Australian Primary Hemp

Product range covers hemp seeds, hemp and honey nut bar, hemp balance (protein, fibre, powder blend), hemp boost (protein powder), hemp oil, cultivation seed.

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Adamo's Pasta

Australian manufacturer and distributor of fresh epicurean pastas (flat pasta, filled pasta), sauces and prepared meals made the Italian way.

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Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamic producer using whole grains (wheats, barley, rye) to process certified baker’s flour (wholemeal, barley, rye, self-raising, atta and pasta flours).

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Campos Coffee

Cultivated coffee made ethically and with care that is fair trade and direct trade, coffee is offered in various coffee blends or various coffee single origin.

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FMayer Imports

Importing and distributing over 1,000 food products, FMayer Imports offers a wide range of food delicacies and specialty products.

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Coffin Bay Oyster Farm

Oyster Farm specialises in growing spawnless oysters available all year round in a variety of sizes ranging in colour, taste and texture.

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Impressed produces a range of cold pressed juices and almond milk yoghurts using local ingredients straight from the farm based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Mikuni Wild Harvest

Mikuni Wild Harvest offers a unique line of sustainable wild foods for gourmet outlets and restaurants from wild mushrooms, truffles, oils, caviars and more.

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Cockatoo Grove

Family owned and operated grower and producer of Australian organic extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar products in Cobram, Victoria

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Annie's Free Range

Free range egg supplier located in South Gippsland, Victoria producing a variety of egg sizes and packaging to cater for food service businesses.

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Mungalli Creek Dairy

Free ranged bio eggs that are farmed using sustainable, organic practices and biodynamic techniques also producing milk, yoghurt and cheese products.

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Australian Grain Technologies

A plant breeding research company focused on wheat genetics to develop new field crop varieties for more productive or better quality or cost less to grow.

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Vee Jay’s Kalfresh - VJK Produce

Growers and harvesters of tomatoes, capsicums, pumpkins & green beans, VJK Produce is a farming company situated in the Bowen region of Queensland.

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Byron Bay Chilli Company

Byron Bay Chilli Company produces a range of sauces, salsas and corn chips for cooking, snacking, dipping, marinating, grilling and stir frying.

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Coney Island Classics

Kettle corn that is hand crafted in small batches using small copper kettles to ensure an authentic seasoning flavour with Himalayan pink salt and non GMO corn.

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Bedford Park

Heritage pig breeder in Queensland Australia, producing ethically raised and naturally grown pigs that are allowed to forage naturally on the land.

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Game Farm

A game bird breeder and processing company supplying quail, spatchcock, duck, turkey, pheasant, emu, crocodile, kangaroo, venison, rabbit, beef and wild boar

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Organic products for the nutritional and food industries, range includes phytonutrients, standardised herbal extracts, minerals and dietary supplements.

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Harvey Fresh

An Australian brand offering a range of products from milk and dairy products to juice made from locally and globally sourced fruit.

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Select from a range of seafood kits with seafood barramundi, red trout, salmon or shrimp. Microwavable bowls with seafood scampi, barramundi or salmon.

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Farmer Jo

Producer of muesli and granola foods including gluten free, probiotic range and paleo mixes in flavours like; Coconut roasted in maple syrup with chia seeds.

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Drayton's Family Wines

A six-generation family of winemakers making Fortified, Heritage Vines, Hunter Valley, Limited Release, New Generation and Vineyard Reserve wines.

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Carwari International

Carwari supplies tahini, black tahini, sesame oil, sesame seeds, black sesame products, roasted/raw nuts, agave nectar, miso paste, Instant Miso Soup, Honey, …

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Just Pasta

Major pasta manufacturer servicing the food industry - fresh and fresh frozen pasta, ready to eat, sauces, customised products - recipe development service.

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Kytons Bakery Australia

Kytons products range from lamingtons, hot cross buns, waffles, cookies, pies, pasties, slices, puddings, cake, gifts and hampers as well as a Christmas range.

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Dark City Foundry

Dark City Foundry cold drip coffee uses a rich South American coffee blend through a triple filtered process to create a clean and distinct flavour.

Listing 1340 Logo

Coco Chocolate

Artisan chocolatiers creating a range of chocolates and flavours from dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars, white chocolate bars, and much more

Listing 1342 Logo

Coral Coast Barramundi

Producing fresh, saltwater barramundi fish grown in the oceanic waters of the northern Whitsunday region in a fully integrated and self-sufficient farm.

Listing 1344 Logo

Coconut Essence

Pure and natural coconut water products harvested from fresh, young green coconut water sourced in Thailand packaged the same day straight from the coconut.

Listing 1347 Logo

La Boqueria Smallgoods

Food Manufacturer of Spanish artisan smallgoods created in Sydney, New South Wales dedicated to authentic, traditional Spanish flavour and ingredients.

Listing 1349 Logo

Cootamundra Oilseeds

100% per cent Australian owned community of sustainable growers producing natural, cold pressed, GMO and chemical free conventional and organic vegetable oils.

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Murphy's Crossing Free Range Eggs

Murphy's Crossing Free Range Eggs is a family owned and operated egg farming business positioned in Willaston, South Australia.

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Australian Choice Exports

Australian Choice Exports produces 100% Australian grains and pulses that are fully traceable and tested for quality assurance transported across the globe.

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Lakewood Organic Juices

Providing a range of organic and biodynamic juices, premium, fresh pressed, concentrates, pure juices, juice blends and supplement juices from Florida, USA.

Listing 1358 Logo

Curry Traders

Traditional recipe home curry kits containing authentic ingredients available as mild, medium and hot, as well as combo curry kits, marinades and rubs.

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Organic Mountain

Producers of traceable organic food products from ethically sourced ingredients ranging from oils, sweeteners, drinks, snacks, grains, flours and baking goods.

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Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths

Australian ethical farmers producing pork, beef and cured meat products, ranging from black ham, bacon, prok cultets, ribs, seasonal sausages, Jamóns.

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Hahndorf Venison

Hahndorf Venison supply free range grazing venison with a paddock to plate concept to offer pasture-raised deer meat products from the Adelaide Hills region.

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Honest to Goodness

Sydney based organic food and natural products supplier specialising in bulk wholefoods with over 1,000 products that works directly growers and suppliers.

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Section28 Artisan Cheeses

Section28 Artisan Cheeses is dedicated to the creation of handmade European-style cheeses, each crafted with an individual flavour and style.

Listing 1386 Logo

Luvo Foods

Food company in Vancouver producing a range ready-to-microwave convenient meals inspired by the Mediterranean diet contain only real ingredients.

Listing 1388 Logo

Kuranda Wholefoods

Supplying a range of products including muesli, energy bars, chia bars, nut bars, protein bites, nut free, fruit free, vegan and fructose friendly products.

Listing 1390 Logo

Josef Chromy Wines

Winemaker producing a range of wine from Tasmania, wines include red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, Pepik wine, Josef Chromy wine and Zdar wine.

Listing 1392 Logo

Cobs Fine Foods

Product range includes Multipack range, Pop'd chips, Natural range, Organic range, Caramel popcorn, Corn chips range producing small-batch snack foods.

Listing 1394 Logo

Lotus Foods

Rice product manufacturer located in California supplying organic rice, whole grain rice, pad thai rice noodles, rice ramen, rice crackers and heat & eat bowls.

Listing 1396 Logo

Letizza Bakery

Supplying a range of premade traditional Italian pizza bases (including frozen), from pre-baked gourmet pizza bases, gluten free pizza bases and dough balls.

Listing 1399 Logo

Sacred Grounds

Australian coffee producer of certified organic fair trade coffee blends and single origin coffees and has sign up with Fairtrade Australia.

Listing 1401 Logo

Gânache Chocolate

Chocolatiers and pastry chefs producing a variety of handmade chocolates, patisserie, cakes and gelato as well as hand-decorated bars and much more

Listing 1403 Logo

Crystal Bay Prawns

Prawn producer with environmentally sustainable culture processes, processing facilities and support services for the Australian and export markets.

Listing 1405 Logo

Summer Land Camels

Camel milk producers, that uses gentle pasteurising and minimal processing to provide a product naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and immune proteins.

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Producers of home-made authentic Asian sauces and products using a traditional recipe and techniques passed down through generations of family

Listing 1409 Logo

Gran Luchito's

Mexican food products that includes sauces, salsa, tortilla chips, tacos, refried beans, toppings and mixes from traditional recipes and cooking methods.

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Producers of 100 percent organic maple syrup and birch syrup, pure organic granulated maple sugar, maple spread and sap water located in Québec, Canada.

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Walker Farm Foods

Walker Farm Foods is a family business producing pasture-raised eggs from free range hens using ethical nomadic pastured farming practices.

Listing 1417 Logo

Associated Grain

Associated Grain is a grain merchant company that processes, packs and markets grain and seed products located in Dalby, Queensland.

Listing 1419 Logo

Costa Group

Supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables from berries, mushrooms, tomatoes, citrus, bananas, avocados and grapes domestically and to international markets.

Listing 1422 Logo

Adora Handmade Chocolates

Artisan chocolate manufacturer creating a boutique range of unique handmade chocolates, fudge, cakes, confectionary, muffins, sweets and gelato.

Listing 1424 Logo

Bennetto Natural Foods Company

Chocolate bars and dark chocolate powders that are creatively developed with new and original flavours without adding any unnecessary unnatural ingredients.

Listing 1427 Logo

Melanda Park – Free Range Pork

An Australian pasture raised, free range pork producer, producing suckling pigs, pastured pigs and free range pork products, located in New South Wales.

Listing 1429 Logo

Onkaparinga Valley Venison

Onkaparinga Valley Venison is a game meat producer in South Australia supplying Australian grown Fallow deer venison delivered across Australia.

Listing 1431 Logo

Loving Earth

Products range from activated breakfast cereals, organic superfoods and fair trade raw organic chocolate made from regenerative Ashaninka cacao.

Listing 1436 Logo

King Island Dairy

King Island Dairy cheeses range includes blues, cheddars, soft cheeses (brie and camembert) made from 100% King Island milk delivered fresh to the dairy.

Listing 1438 Logo

MRE STAR (MRE - Meals Ready to Eat)

A Florida-based food company producing a range of ready-to-eat meals specifically made for the US Government with products available to the public.

Listing 1440 Logo

Living Intentions

Product range includes foods from superfood popcorn, superfood cereal, superfood nut blends, sprouted trail mix, sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds.

Listing 1445 Logo

Kirrihill Wines

Dedicated to making hand-crafted wines and located in a major wine producing area in South Australia producing red wine, rosé, sparkling wine and white wine.

Listing 1447 Logo

Dr. Klaus Karg KG

German bakery producing artisan crispbreads and wholegrain snacks using carefully selected ingredients while keeping with traditional methods of baking.

Listing 1449 Logo


Barenakedfoods produces a range of rice, noodles and spaghetti from Norwich, England that are low calorie, low carbohydrate and added protein products.

Listing 1450 Logo


Mauri Australia creates and distributes baking products from baker’s flour, specialty flours, bread mixes, yeast, grains, meals, gluten free, sweet goods, …

Listing 1453 Logo

Counter Culture Coffee

American coffee roasting business dedicated to social responsibility and environmental and financial sustainability through the coffee supply chain.

Listing 1455 Logo

Fardoulis Chocolates

Producing pure couverture chocolate ranging from handmade gourmet, foiled chocolate hearts, personalised chocolates and wrapped chocolates.

Listing 1457 Logo

Gold Coast Tiger Prawns

One of the largest black tiger prawn fully integrated farm companies in Australia capable of producing around 1,000 tonnes a year.

Listing 1459 Logo

Australia’s Own

Producers of range of dairy milk beverages (A2 protein dairy milk), lactose free milk and plant based products like almond milk, rice milk and oat milk.

Listing 1462 Logo

McClure’s Pickles

Producers of pickles, Bloody Mary mix, sauerkraut and relish products manufactured in Michigan.

Listing 1465 Logo

J. Friend and Co. NZ Artisan Honey

Pure and natural artisan honey producers. All honey is unblended, traceable and certified organic in a range of product lines including Manuka honey.

Listing 1467 Logo

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms produces certified organic, biodynamic pasture-raised eggs located in Bungendore, New South Wales, Australia.

Listing 1469 Logo

East Coast Stockfeeds

East Coast Stockfeeds is a 100% Australian owned and operated company supplying grain, legume and pulse products to the global market.

Listing 1471 Logo

Well and Good

Well and Good is an Australian manufacturer of innovative, gluten free food products that include baking mixes, baked bread and vegan meals.

Listing 1474 Logo

The Carob Kitchen

The Carob Kitchen produces a range of carob bars, carob syrup and carob powder products located in Willunga, South Australia.

Listing 1476 Logo

Ford's Gourmet Foods

Ford's Gourmet Foods is a distributor of non GMO, gluten free foods from sauces, mustards, nuts and seasonings supplying domestic and international markets.

Listing 1481 Logo

Durham Ranches

A specialty meats producer located in Wyoming, sourcing berkshire pork, bison, wild boar, wagyu beef, game birds, venison, elk, natural beef and rabbit.

Listing 1484 Logo

Mandagery Creek Venison

Red deer (venison) meat supplier processer of free-ranged pasture-fed red deer game that is naturally free of antibiotics, stimulants and growth hormones.

Listing 1486 Logo


Dedicated to researching, developing and producing a range of nutraceuticals using the most biochemically active raw materials with practitioner insights.

Listing 1488 Logo

Montefiore Cheese

Montefiore range of Italian-style cheeses includes bocconcini, fiordilatte, mascarpone, ricotta, ovoline, mozzarella, fantasia, trecce using Italian recipes.

Listing 1490 Logo

Campers Pantry

Freeze-dried food manufacturer of portable meal kits for camping and hiking. Products include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and pantry ingredients.

Listing 1493 Logo

The Muesli

Specially selected blend of raw, nutritious ingredients made from nuts, seeds, oats and coconut makes the Muesli Classic & Muesli Gluten Free products.

Listing 1495 Logo


Australian winemaker located in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Leconfield Wines offers the wine brands Leconfield, Syn and Richard Hamilton.

Listing 1497 Logo

Four Leaf Milling

family owned certified organic grain processer using only certified organic or bio dynamic grains from barley, buckwheat, lentils, linseed, rice, wheat, rye, …

Listing 1499 Logo


A wholesale supplier of fresh Asian noodles to the domestic market and services a number of foodservice manufacturers and providers across Australia.

Listing 1502 Logo

MOI International (Australia)

MOI International manufactures deep frying oils, liquid oils, olive oils, bakery margarines, shortenings, bakery goods, cocoa products, confectionery, rice, …

Listing 1507 Logo

Seven Miles

Australian coffee roaster with micro-roasteries across Australia. Continually researching new ways to develop and present coffee to embody the experience.

Listing 1509 Logo

Belgian Delights

Handmade chocolate-making chocolatiers producing personalised, wrapped couverture chocolates, boxes and truffles for retail and wholesale customers.

Listing 1511 Logo

Australian Bay Lobster Producers Ltd (ABLP)

Soft-shell Bay Lobster producer (Moreton Bay Bugs) to supply both domestic and international markets in a cultivated controlled environment.

Listing 1514 Logo

Yarra Valley Tea Co.

Specialising is certified organic tea and tisane tea (herbal tea) that includes black tea, chai tea, functional tea, green tea, herbal tea and tea wares.

Listing 1516 Logo

Mount Zero Olives

Family owned olive grove producing olives, extra virgin olive oils and olive leaf tea through ethical, sustainable and chemical free farming practices.

Listing 1520 Logo

Australian Egg Company

Australian Egg Company product line covers eggs, egg products, dairy products, frozen berries, flours and other frozen products for the food service industry.

Listing 1522 Logo

Bauer's Organic Farm

Vegetable grower using organic and biodynamic principles to produce potatoes, garlic, Jap pumpkins, carrots, sweet corn, celery and broccoli.

Listing 1524 Logo

Mexico City Foods

Select from a broad range of Mexican food products from tortillas, corn chips, beans, canned chillies, dried chilli, cheese, herbs, drinks and much more.

Listing 1530 Logo

Chemiplas Australia

Suppliers of ingredients, raw materials and advanced technologies for the health and nutrition and food and beverage industries, covering the Australasian regio

Listing 1533 Logo

Schultz Family Farm

Pork producer focused on ethical animal farming. Range includes whole suckling pig, spit pigs, charcuterie, black angus beef, veal, herbs and vegetables.

Listing 1535 Logo

Naturally Australian Meat & Game

Covering a wide range of meat, game, poultry and smallgoods for domestic and international markets, from beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, kangaroo, game meat, …

Listing 1541 Logo

Synergy Natural

Natural wholefood nutritional supplements and health consumer products ranging from super greens, spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass and barley grass.

Listing 1545 Logo


Australian farmer-owned dairy co-operative, products range from white milk, flavoured milk, cream and custards, ice cream, butter and cheese products.

Listing 1547 Logo


Californian food company that has developed a product range of patties and breakfast sliders in various flavours, only 100% organic animal meats are used.

Listing 1551 Logo

The Muesli Folk

Handcrafted 100% plant-based muesli and granola products from, choconola granola, gluten free maple, paleo nut mix, original maple, paleo fuel and raw mixes.

Listing 1553 Logo

Nick Haselgrove Wines

Located in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia, Nick Haselgrove Wines offers a range of wines from shiraz, pinot gris, chardonnay, cabernet and more.

Listing 1555 Logo

Global Organics

A US global supplier of certified organic food ingredients covering cane sugar, chocolate & cocoa, fruit & vegetable specialties, coconut and caramel.

Listing 1561 Logo


Authentic soy and noodle products from silken tofu, classic and hard tofu, Japanese momen tofu, fresh egg noodles, stir-fry noodles and fried noodles and more.

Listing 1564 Logo


French owned business creating a range of innovative “Ready to Fill” products for both savoury and sweet applications for appetisers, meals and desserts.

Listing 1566 Logo

Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Veneziano Coffee Roasters supplies products from coffee blends and microlots, inker cups and saucers, Chamellia tea, chocolate and chai, coffee accessories, …

Listing 1570 Logo

Chocolaterie RenMar

Artisan Chocolatier producing small-batch chocolates with genuine Callebaut® Belgian couverture chocolate.

Listing 1572 Logo

Natural Oysters

Cultivating oysters in South Australia for the last 25 years of a consistent quality while gaining national and international recognition.

Listing 1574 Logo

Nelson Honey

Nelson Honey produces a selection of natural honey and bee products which are all insecticide and spray free that are exported globally.

Listing 1576 Logo

Sunny Queen Farms

Sunny Queen Farms Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian farmer-owned company supplying organic free range, cage free and cage eggs for over 80 year,

Listing 1578 Logo

Sazen Tea Company

Sazen Tea Co. offers an extensive range of tea’s (organic tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, matcha, loose tea, Sencha, Kukicha, etc.) to the world.

Listing 1580 Logo

Woodbridge Smokehouse

An independent Tasmanian producer of smoked ocean trout, Atlantic salmon, hot and cold smoked and whole sides produced with delicate and distinctive flavours.

Listing 1582 Logo


Cell-Logic is an Australian organisation specialising in evidence-based, transformational nutrigenomic supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Listing 1584 Logo

Yarra Valley Custom Meats

Australian meat producer supplying free range suckling pigs, grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, free range pork, free range goat and Galloway beef.

Listing 1586 Logo

Mahogany Creek Distributors

Supplier of poultry, game meat (buffalo, camel, emu, crocodile, kangaroo, goat, rabbit, venison, wild boar), game birds and Australian native foods.

Listing 1594 Logo

Vital Greens

Vital Greens produces a range organic superfood blends and supplements, green powders, pure and vegan protein powders, pea protein powders and more.

Listing 1596 Logo

Warrnambool Cheese and Butter

Dairy processor providing products that includes, cheese, butter and butter blends, milk, cream and other dairy ingredients for Australia and exported globally.

Listing 1598 Logo


Dietlicious has designed a range of healthy freshly-cooked, snap-frozen convenient food products for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, side dishes and snacks.

Listing 1600 Logo

Food For Life

Offering a range of over 60 products, from breads, English muffins, cereals, tortillas, buns, waffles and pasta including a range of diet-specific products.

Listing 1604 Logo


Seppelt has beena major part of the Australian winemaking industry since 1851, producing a range of wines from red wine, white wine and sparkling wine.

Listing 1606 Logo

Go Natural Australia

Go Natural Products creates a range of products from nut snacks, protein bar, protein nut bars, grain bars and slices, sesame crisps and fruit snacks.

Listing 1608 Logo

Randall Organic Rice

Organic Rice Producer of langi, koshihikari (Japanese sticky short grain), jasmine, doongara , brown rice cakes, rice flour (brown and white) and rice bran.

Listing 1610 Logo


A Belgian specialty foods manufacturer supplying artisan nougatine and pastry shells to the professional food industry in over 20 countries.

Listing 1613 Logo

Abrisca Roasters of Coffee

Handcrafting coffee using a 1984 30kg Petroncini roaster, roasting and hand blending coffee beans to obtain full depth of flavour to filter through the blends.

Listing 1615 Logo

Nina’s Chocolates

Makers of handmade chocolates with over 120 handcrafted types on offer. Select from milk, dark and white chocolate with a variety of flavor fillings.

Listing 1617 Logo

Buxton Trout and Salmon

Self-sufficient, family-owned and operated trout and salmon farm growing around 80 tonnes of fish a year for the wholesale and restaurant markets.

Listing 1619 Logo

Grampians Olive Co.

Australian family owned, certified organic olive grove producing organic olive oils, infused olive oils, olives & sundry and artisan vinegars in the Grampians.

Listing 1623 Logo

Brilliant Food

An Australian company sourcing and producing a range of smoked seafood products from ocean trout, wood smoked salmon, smoked kingfish, wasabi cream and more.

Listing 1625 Logo

Spit Pigs

Farmers and suppliers of Australian free range pork and lamb products. Range includes spit pig, suckling pigs, whole lamb, half a pig, whole pig, and whole lamb

Listing 1627 Logo

Alpine Game Meats

Australian game meats supplier of alpaca, goat, venison, kangaroo, crocodile, wild boar, duck, emu, quail, buffalo, camel, possum, rabbit, hare, wallaby.

Listing 1629 Logo

Health World Limited

A natural health science company producing innovative natural medicine supplements and natural health products for natural healthcare and practitioners.

Listing 1630 Logo

Woombye Cheese Company

Woombye Cheese Company creates a range of fresh, handmade, artisan cheeses from Camembert, Triple Cream Brie, Truffle Triple Cream Brie, Vintage Cheddar, …

Listing 1632 Logo

Gourmet Dinner Service

Gourmet Dinner Service provides a selection of chef-prepared, ready-made meals for 1-2 people, family meals, salads, sides, desserts, cocktail food and more.

Listing 1634 Logo

Antipodes Water Company

Bottled at the source in New Zealand, Antipodes offers a range of pure artesian table water products.

Listing 1636 Logo

Witches Falls

Wine makers producing a ranges of wine labelled Granite Belt, Wild Ferment and Prophecy from the location on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Listing 1638 Logo

Green Grove Organics

Makers of certified organic and innovative confectionaries distributed across Australia and worldwide that include licorice (liquorice) and chocolate products.

Listing 1641 Logo

The Monday Food Co

Find a range of gut-friendly, sugar-free products from Granola (paleo, gourmet and keto), mixed packs and bulk granola and keto mix home bake kits.

Listing 1642 Logo

Wolff Coffee Roasters

Wolff Coffee Roasters creates specialty-grade coffee with a focus on the flavour in the cup and coffee sourced sustainably.

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