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Cini Little Australia is a specialist foodservice consultant and design firm providing a range of services in concept planning to implementation. Each commercial foodservice project is treated as a unique challenge to find effective solutions for profitability and efficiency. We strive to achieve a clear and strong line of communication, detailed planning and systematic implementation to ensure positive results for our foodservice clients.

Our consultant team represents a wide variety of disciplines which include professionals in design, dietetics, foodservice, hotel operations and training. We are completely independent and impartial foodservice consultants and have no affiliations with suppliers working on agreed fees only, by following a code of ethics as much confidence is entrusted upon all foodservice consultants.

Be certain you are using the specialist skills of a reputable foodservice consultant as many will claim to design a foodservice operation, the success of your project requires proper advice, design and proper equipment specification, professional experience, capability of service. Further what you should look for and expect, a vast knowledge of the foodservice industry with a wealth of resources and information and strong communication skills.

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Cini Little Australia
Suite 206, 83 Longueville Road
Lane Cove
New South Wales 2066

More About Cini Little Australia

Cini Little Australia is a specialist commercial foodservice consultant firm and over 5 key consultants have over 120 years collective experience, with a major strength in the area of the food service design and planning of facilities for the preparation and storage of food and beverage in all types of establishments.

Cini Little Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and managed company. Originating in 1978 when Harley Little Associates absorbed Taylor Graham & Associates, another local specialist food service consulting group. After a number of changes the Australian operation was reorganised and became Cini·Little Australia late in 1990.

In similar fashion to major accounting practices, it is a member of a worldwide group, sharing a common name, but otherwise independent. The members share certain common costs and exchange material, ideas and advice and the staff move between offices to provide necessary expertise for particular projects.

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