Food service consultants are the architects of the commercial food service industry, holding a wealth of knowledge, capability, experience and understanding to outline positive and negative points in the function and flow of cafes, bars, commercial kitchens to complete industrial food processing premises.

What to look for in catering consultants

Look for catering consultants that can offer the complete package including, thorough documentation from design layouts (2D and/or 3D), food service briefs, service drawings, services data sheets, elevations to complete equipment specifications with a clear understanding of the local food premises regulations. 

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A Food Consultant is an adviser with an impartial attitude 

Be aware when reviewing potential food consulting firms that you do a thorough check to ensure that the designers, drafters, architects and catering equipment suppliers/fabricators involved have the experience and proven results to design a food service operation that works, runs efficiently and has all the requirements. 

The investment in a proper restaurant consulting firm spans all sectors in the business world. 

Food service consultants should have no affiliations with food service equipment suppliers apart from information gathering for documentation purposes and are impartial to the food service equipment selected. Look for food service consultants that adhere to a code of ethics as you the client place a large amount of trust within your chosen food service consultant and if in doubt ask them.

Now you know what to look for in a food service consultant, it’s time to find one here!

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Cini Little Australia

Providing commercial foodservice consultancy services from advice, planning and design for all type of food service operations.

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HP Gourmet Enterprises LLC

Consulting for Culinary, Food Service, Hospitality Industry

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cometline consultancy

2 things go an extended approach along side fashionable peoples’ day to day life and additionally within the food trade. folks square measure currently a lot of

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Tony Locos Bar & Restaurant

Tony Locos Bar & Restaurant is a casual and cool hang out serving amazing American, Italian & Puerto Rican Food in Woodbine, MD.

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