Food service events and exhibitions are held to provide food service industry people from chefs, restaurateurs to food service consultants as well as consumers a place to gather to visit the leading food service companies and manufacturers under one roof. Events cover a variety of areas from food service equipment, local and international foods and beverages for all parts of the retail, food service and hospitality sectors.

Find the latest in innovations, technologies, developments and to gain a greater understanding from leading food service manufacturers through to a range of equipment suppliers. Events and exhibitions offer an excellent way for networking and meeting the people behind the companies.

Food Industry Events for Food, Equipment to Conferences

Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Food Expo’s

Food service events and exhibitions provide one of the best opportunities to explore the food service industry that provide a great opportunity to speak directly to a variety of companies covering all areas of the food service industry. See first-hand and ask your important questions to the people behind the name. Whether you are after equipment, food products, dining supplies or interested in seeing the latest innovations industry  events can be invaluable for all people to see, feel and learn in person.

Wine, Food Festivals, Food Shows and Cook-Offs

Food festivals and shows provide an excellent way to see and taste local and international food in one place. Setup similar to markets with stalls people are able to get in touch, purchase or simply have a taste. Find wine, beer and beverage events providing tastings from a large variety of producers and suppliers from around the world. Food shows offer chefs and industry people a way to show off their skills and products as well as competitive food cook-offs (ie. chilli cook-offs to rib cook-offs).

Conventions, Conferences, Summits and Forums

Find details and information about upcoming conventions, conferences, summits and forums. This is where leading people and bodies discuss trends, common interests, key issues, practices and changes to the present time and future of the food industry. These organisations provide insights to emerging new and existing markets and further provide an excellent networking platform to meet key people in specific industries.

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The Kosherfest tradeshow showcases kosher products for the food industry from convenience stores, supermarkets, caterers and restaurants.

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Foodservice Australia

Foodservice Australia exhibition is a got to event to meet key industry people involved in the food and beverage industry as well as catering equipment.

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Global Table

The Global Trade event is concentrated on solving the world’s major food challenges as well as creating future food developments and enhancements.

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Seeds&Chips | Global Food Summit

A platform to collaborate within the global food chain, to increase food and agricultural innovation, and spreading ideas and technology to change the world.

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