Catering equipment finance can be used for individual pieces of equipment to complete fit outs. Select from a range of finance companies and banking institutions offering various options. Some companies specialise in commercial catering equipment finance and can provide the flexibility and financial freedom by reducing the initial financial outlay. This can allow you to have your business running with peace of mind with more focus put towards the success of your business.

Choose the Right Commercial Finance Solutions for Your Business

The various forms of acquiring equipment (listed below) offer everyone a start that best suits their individual financial situation and needs.

  • Catering equipment rental agreements where your use the equipment for a set period of time, and  at the end of your contract period you can either return the equipment back to the finance company or buy it outright.
  • Leasing terms with an option to purchase at the end of the lease term.
  • Direct purchasing loans through traditional loan and mortgage finance methods.
  • Hire options where you hire commercial equipment based on your direct needs and time period.

Discovering the best option needs special consideration especially in regards to protecting yourself personally as with starting up a business being prepared for the worst is smart thinking. Get to know you options to gain the best control. Some key factors to consider are listed below.

  • Reduce personal liability – ie. With renting catering equipment and leasing the ownership belongs with the finance company thus keeping a limited amount of personal liability.
  • Avoid Directors’ Guarantees and avoid putting personal assets on the line.
  • Flexible finance agreements - length of finance terms from 1 to 5 year terms to best suit your needs.
  • Reduce the amount of initial outlay and protect yourself in the early stages of starting your business.
  • Tax benefits through tax deductible options when equipment is used for business use - always confirm with your accountant or tax adviser.
  • The ability to upgrade and grow your business as the business expands.

Finding the right catering equipment finance starts with researching a range of finance companies, especially companies specializing in the catering industry.

Find and select from a range of finance companies that best suits your needs.

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