Zesti Woodfired Ovens

Located in Malaga, Western Australia, Australia

Wood Fired Ovens, Alfresco Kitchens, BBQ’S & Commercial Customised Solutions

Based in Perth, Zesti Woodfired Ovens are custom manufacturers of a wide range of equipment from wood fired ovens, alfresco kitchens and barbeques. As well as providing commercial customised solutions with electrical assist ovens pizza and vertical gyros/kebab machines. 

Zesti Woodfired Ovens works with the client and provides custom solutions for both domestic and commercial applications, using high quality materials in the build to produce reliable and durable equipment that are available in custom colour finishes, built-in units and portable units with trolleys.

Zesti Woodfired Ovens can provide a complete and integrated outdoor entertaining kitchen to complement the wood fired oven. With items such as a barbeque, benching/storage refrigerator, sinks, and other equipment to create a modern one-of-a-kind dining and living space. 

Categories | Woodfired Ovens, Alfresco Kitchens, BBQ’S, Commercial Customised Solutions (Electrical Assist Ovens Pizza, Vertical Gyros/Kebab Machine)


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Phone: +61 8 9209 3103


Zesti Woodfired Ovens
Unit 3, 43 Westchester Road
Western Australia 6090

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