Located in Solingen, Germany

High Quality German Kitchen Knives

Founded in 1814, WÜSTHOF is an independent German family owned manufacturer of forged knives knife sets, gadgets and spatulas, cleaver, shears, knife sharpening steel, knife storage, cutting blocks and Asian / Chinese knife sets.

The three WÜSTHOF production plants are located in Solingen, Germany. Solingen is also appropriately known as the “City Of Blades”. WÜSTHOF continues its tradition of crafting high quality knives for chef’s and home cooks from around the world. 

WÜSTHOF has maintained a strong reputation across the world due to their commitment to customers and upholding the passion in what they manufacturer.

Products Range | Knives & Cutlery, Knife sets, Gadgets and Spatulas, Cleaver, Shears, Knife Sharpening Steel, Knife Storage, Cutting Blocks, Asian / Chinese sets


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Phone: +49 2122 0670


Kronprinzenstraße 49
Solingen 42655

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