Synergy Grill

Located in Offord Cluny, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Innovative Patented Fat Atomising Commercial Gas Grills

The Synergy Grill is a patented unique innovative chargrill and griddle that utilises revolutionary technology. The gas grills work at very hot temperatures from a specifically cultured ceramic heat bed, the high heat breaks down and atomises fats and since the fats have been broken down no fat collection tray is required. 

The Synergy Grill is an efficient grill that uses a considerable less amount of gas due to the ceramic heat bed technology which makes for a cleaner cooking environment compared to traditional cooking equipment. Due to the high heat of the machine the team at Synergy Grill have designed a cool air flow around the machine to provide cool to touch surfaces.

A British designed and engineered product with the company factory located in Cambridgeshire, Synergy Grill has put attention to building energy efficient, durable and reliable grills for the global market.

Product Models - SG630, SG900, SG1300, ST630, ST900, ST1300, ST1700


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Phone: +44 1480 811 000


Synergy Grill
Greenewable Business Park, Station Lane,
Offord Cluny
Cambridgeshire PE19 5ZA
United Kingdom

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