Find a range of plate dispensers, tray lowerators and basket lowerators for a variety of uses. Plate dispensers and tray and basket lowerators reduce or eliminate the need to bend down to pick up items, by self-raising crockery from plates and bowls, trays and baskets. The self-lifting/elevating mechanism can be adjusted to raise to a desired height.

Plate dispensers are commonly found in cafeterias, hospitals, serveries and staff canteens where high volume plating is required or self-service plating is in place. Plate dispensers can be heated or static (unheated). Plater lowerators are designed as mobile units or as drop-in bench modules, accommodating a variety of plate sizes, and depending on the thickness of plate up to or over 50 plates. Mobile static (unheated) plate dispenses have the additional ability to sit in a coolroom to offer cold plates ready for cold plating.

Tray lowerators and basket lowerators come either as mobile units or as a drop-in / built-in modules, able to hold upwards of 300kgs, tray and basket lowerators hold upwards of 120 trays and numerous amounts of basket configurations. Basket lowerators offer excellent glass storage, for instance 25 glasses per rack by 5 racks equals 125 glasses in a very small mobile footprint. Find and select from a range of plate dispensers, tray lowerators and basket lowerators from leading companies.

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Cambro Manufacturing

Diverse product range from insulated food and beverage transport, food pans and lids, food storage, trays, vending carts, healthcare, meal delivery and more.

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Anvil Catering Equipment

Food equipment manufacturer of bain marie, boiling tables, display fridges, deck ovens, proofing cabinet, urns, vertical bun toasters, waffle bakers and more.

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