In all foodservice outlets sinks are everywhere, some with a designated purpose such as hand basins and other sinks for food preparation to dishwashing. Available in various lengths, widths and depths from premade to custom fabricated.

Sinks designed for commercial kitchens are heavy duty made for durability and widely used for the ever demands of the kitchen. Domestic sinks offer high quality finishes and polishes and are used where workers and customers have access. For example beverage points and coffee stations or , 

Hand basins are required by safety codes for staff to maintain hand washing hygiene, usually with a hands free operation to limit the further spread of germs and bacteria. Hands free hand basin are available with an arm or knee operation or with an electronic sensor tap. 

Cleaners sinks offer a purpose design for filling buckets, set at a more accommodating lower height, have a deep sink with an option for a grill over with a high set tap making washup easier.

Select from companies providing a range of sinks, designer sinks, hand basins and cleaners sinks. 

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A manufacturer and supplier of sinks, tapware, drainage, stainless steel products and plumbing equipment for domestic and commercial applications.

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